Revenge Guide – The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

Alex and Julia survive the Plunge, but are soon chased by Olson. As the couple runs through the various corridors they need to complete a number of QTEs to reach safety. Use our Revenge guide to complete this final chapter of act 2.

Chapter Notes:

  • There are no collectibles in this chapter:
  • Choices made in this chapter do impact the outcome of the game.

Revenge (Playing Julia)

Image showing Olson in The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan Revenge chapter.

When you start the Revenge chapter you take control of Julia. Julia and Alex are running from Olson who is chasing after them. As you run you will need to complete some QTEs to reach safety.

  1. Old Stairs QTE: Circle, Square, Circle.
  2. Jump the gap to the right. Immediate QTE: Triangle, Circle.
  3. KEEP GOING instead of Fighting Back.

After this sequence Alex and Julia will reach the boats deck. They will lock the door on Olson and run into Fliss and Brad. The group then heads across the deck and into the boat’s control room. This ends the chapter.

Act 2 Ending

Image showing the ending question asked during The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan Revenge Act 2.
The ending question for Act 2.

At the end of Revenge you will return to the library and speak with the Curator. As you talk to the Curator respond with CURIOUS “I need some help.” This unlocks the Special Feature – Creating the Curator.

Once this section is complete you will return to the Abandoned Ship to start the third and final act. The first chapter in this act is called Open Deck.

This guide is part of HTR’s much larger The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan walkthrough and guide. Visit the hub page to find a variety of guides for this game including each mission and the different collectibles in them.

This concludes our Revenge guide. Drop your comments below.


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