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Both Brad and Julia will enter the hole in the ship’s control room. This transition signals the start of a new chapter after Distress Signal which is called Depths. In Depths players take on the role of Brad as he ventures down to turn on the power. Learn the best way to complete this chapter using our Depths guide below.

Chapter Notes:

  • There are five collectibles in this chapter:
    • Minutes of Meeting.
    • Private Patterson’s Medical Record.
    • Engine Room Telegraph Log.
    • Know the Ropes.
    • Military Orders.
  • Choices made in this chapter do impact the outcome of the game.

Depths (Playing Brad)

After falling into the depths, Brad will get a chance to respond to Alex. Use HOPEFUL “We’re okay.” After this exchange walk down the corridor. As you go down the corridor there are a number of collectibles to grab.

Collectibles: Secret #48: Minutes of Meeting

Image showing the Secret #48 Minutes of Meeting location.
The Minutes of Meeting collectible.

Head inside the first room on your left and access the safe. Open the safe. Inside the safe is the Minutes of Meeting. Return to the corridor and continue down it until you reach the First Aid Sick Bay.

Collectibles: Secret #46: Private Patterson’s Medical Record

Image showing the location of Secret #46 Private Patterson's Medical Record.
The Private Patterson’s Medical Record collectible.

Enter the First Aid Sick Bay and grab the Private Patterson’s Medical Record collectible off the counter. Leave the med bay area and continue heading deeper. Eventually you will reach a ladder. Go down the ladder into the engine room to trigger a cutscene. Inside the engine room there are a couple of collectibles for you to grab.

Collectibles: Secret #8: Engine Room Telegraph Log

Image showing the Secret #8 Engine Room Telegraph Log location.
The Telegraph Log collectible.

After you climb down the ladder follow the walkway until you reach the first T. Go up and you will find the Engine Room. Go behind the engine to grab the Telegraph Log.

Collectibles: White Framed Picture #6: Know the Ropes

Image showing White Framed Picture #6: Know the Ropes .
The Know the Ropes collectible.

Leave the last collectible and walk back to the T. Head across and follow the walkway to the next T. Go right and walk to the end to reach the White Framed Picture #6: Know the Ropes.

After you’ve gathered the collectibles above return to the last T and walk across into the room there. Inside this room you will find the Rebreather. Tell Julia ASSERTIVE “Take it.”

After you rake the Rebreather you will see Olson kill Danny. Complete the KEEP CALM QTE when he comes out of the room. You and Julia will enter the room Olson came out of.

Collectible: Secret #34: Military Orders

Image showing the location of the Secret #34 Military Orders.
The Military Orders collectible.

Inside the room with Danny walk over to the table beside him and grab the Military Orders from the table. Do this quickly as Olson returns. Olson will attempt to bust in. INSPECT the item in Danny’s hand before you leave the room. This ends the chapter and starts the Junior chapter (chapter transition happens quick).

This guide is part of HTR’s much larger The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan walkthrough and guide. Visit the hub page to find a variety of guides for this game including each mission and the different collectibles in them.

This ends our Depths guide. Any comments or questions? Drop them below.



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