The Cult of Saint Guthlac – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Guide

In the area of Grantebridgescire there are a number of mysteries and World Events for players to find and complete. One of the mysteries you will encounter takes place along the roadway heading to the southeast of Earnningstone. On this path you will meet a merchant who’s wagon has tipped over. This merchant must deliver some apples to a nearby farm. To complete this World Event use our The Cult of Saint Guthlac guide below.

Where to Start The Cult of Saint Guthlac

Image showing Where to Start The Cult of Saint Guthlac World Event.

You can start this Grantebridgescire World Event along the road to the southwest of Earnningtone. About halfway along this road you will encounter an apple merchant. Speak to the merchant to start the World Event. He will tell you the wind tipped over his wagon and he needs a way to get the apples to a nearby farm.

How to Complete The Cult of Saint Guthlac

Image showing The Cult of Saint Guthlac World Event end.

To complete this quest walk over to the crate of apples (use Odin Vision if need be). Pick up the apples to trigger the NPC to talk. He will start walking along the path heading further southwest. Follow behind the merchant with the crate of apples. Complete the minute long walk so you reach the farm. Drop the apples next to the bobbing table and station.

Once the apples are delivered you will have completed the World Event. For your efforts you will earn XP for your efforts and +1 Grantebridgescire Mystery. If you hang around a bit you can watch the NPCs bob for apples.

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