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Tis the season of ale in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla thanks to the currently running Yule Festival. This festival adds a holiday event to your colony where you can take part in mini-games and complete a few side quests. One of the side quests you can complete is called The Case of the Missing Ale. To learn more about how to complete this Yule Festival side quest check out the guide below.

Note: This quest is currently very buggy. The quest marker for this objective will bug out regularly so don’t trust it. Make a save before going to get the Secret Ale so you can reload if needed.

How to Start The Case of the Missing Ale

Image showing How to Start The Case of the Missing Ale in AC Valhalla.

To start this Yule Festival side mission you need to have the Brewery built in your settlement. If you don’t have it built you will need to build it. Once the building is built you will unlock The Case of the Missing Ale. This quest appears on your map at the brewery building. To start it simply talk to the reveler named Alwin that can be found inside the brewery. Once you speak with Alwin you will begin the quest.

Find and Talk to Ake

Image showing where to find and talk to Ake.

Once you’ve spoken to Alwin the quest begins. To find Ake you need to leave the settlement and head east to Grantebridgescire. At the location on the map above you will find Ake standing on top of a cliff. Approach Ake and a cutscene will trigger. After the cutscene you will need to fist fight Ake. Defeat him to trigger yet another cutscene. During this cutscene Eivor tells Ake they will find the barrels together.

Where to Find the Secret Brew

To get the secret brew leave the cliffside where you fought Ake and head to the southeast until you reach the bandit camp called Utbech. In the Utbech camp search the only raised hut to find the secret brew inside. Pick up the barrel to receive the next quest objective to take it to Ake.

Bring Back the Secret Brew

Image showing where to bring the Secret Brew in AC Valhalla.

Note: If you drop the barrel during this portion of the side quest it may disappear. The only work around I’ve found for this is to reload before you picked up the barrel. This is why I recommend making a save before the bandit camp to be safe.

Once you have the barrel head to the southwest of the bandit camp until you reach the shoreline of the Great Ouse River. On the shoreline you will encounter Ake who is next to his boat. To speak to Ake you need to ensure you are anonymous. Avoid combat on the way to Ake. Once you do reach him another cutscene will trigger. This cutscene ends the mission.

For your efforts in this side mission you will receive 140 Yule Tokens and will unlock Ake as an opponent in the Yule Brawl. That’s all there is to this mission. Besides it being very buggy it is not very difficult to complete. For more help with Assassin’s Creed Valhall see our guides hub.

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20 responses

  1. Lando says:

    I have the barrel at the river. Ake is still on top of the mountain… Now what?

  2. Christian Moser says:

    If you fast travel nearby because you forgot to save the barrel will respawn worked for me twice once after I accidentally did it and once after I bumped into the zealot

  3. Karley says:

    I finally got my barrell to the boat after losing it a couple times to bugs. I took command of the boat and it went flying into Ake standing there tossed Eivor from the boat and the boat was completely destroyed and then i lost the barrel again -.-

  4. Blake says:

    I had the same issue trying to carry the barrel through a stream. Eivor dropped it in the stream when it got too deep to walk, and then the barrel wasn’t retrievable in the deep water. If you just run far enough away from it, it will reset and you can go back to the bandit camp and pick it up again.

  5. Dustin Stone says:

    If you lose the barrel go back to the bandit camp, it reappears their.

  6. Cliff Baker says:

    Couldn’t help but be a little bit dissappointed as I headed back to Ravensthorpe with my invisible barrel, that later vanished, that, whilst snow was falling in Ravensthorpe, all the surrounding areas, including the hills behind the town, where looking more like late Summer. Hmmmm…..?

  7. Teemu says:

    I dropped the barrel where it was supposed to be dropped: at Ake; no boat though. Aaaaand the barrel disappeared. Has this content been tested at all…?

  8. Chris frost says:

    Yeah my quest is stuck barrel gone no Ake anywhere even now over 12 hours after the barrel disappeared. Have no save point prior and havent been able to figure out a work around.

  9. Michael Becker says:

    Also be careful because the path you need to walk carrying the barrel to the boat is the same path as one of the zealots (the Knight helmet that move around on the map that are really strong enemies) I don’t know what happens if you run into them but if they notice you it’s an automatic fight just keep an eye on your map to avoid running into them.

  10. J Wesley Bridges says:

    My barrel is gone, and the marker is 249m below me..

  11. Akires says:

    Don’t be like me and take the barrel all the way back to the brewery by boat lol. The markers are just really messed up.

  12. Justin says:

    after i grab the barrel, Ake is nowhere to be found, and the next mission icon is 3000m away. when i get there, nothing is there, bugged i guess. carried/sailed there for nothing

    • enricofairme says:

      Do not follow the waypoints they are busted beyond belief. The fourth screenshot in the article shows you where he is located in Grantebridgescire. It is southwest of the bandit camp along the shoreline only a couple of hundred meters away. Once you get close to him the quest marker will fix itself.

      • Paul says:

        Same, Ubisoft needs to get their s*** together and run their content to check for errors before they release it. They only care about making the next DLC or the next title, and not caring about real problems.

    • Cody says:

      I just did it when you get thier and talk to him you tell him to wait at the boat after getting the barrel head back to the cliff you jumped off turn left at the road follow it to the river leads u to ake and yoy will finish the quest

  13. Cam says:

    Great walk through, I’d add some tips on how to work around the glitches currently associated with this quest. I just had my ale barrel disappear as well as none of the markers are correct for the Yule quests

    • Fatveggie says:

      Had my barrel disappear as I ran through a bit of water that was deep enough swim in so auto dropped the barrel.
      Marker’s now 3km away & no idea where the barrel is.

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