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Once you’ve made it to Santa Barbara you will switch off playing between Abby and Ellie. The Pushing Inland mission is an Ellie mission, so that means the return of a few collectible types you may recognize from previous Ellie chapters. For The Pushing Inland mission there are a total of 6 collectibles to find to reach 100% completion. To help you find these 6 collectibles use our The Last of Us 2 Pushing Inland collectibles locations guide below.

Pushing Inland Collectibles List (6 Total)

  • Artifacts: 3
  • Trading Cards: 1
  • Journal Entries: 1
  • Workbenches: 1

Pushing Inland Artifact #1: Abby’s Note Location

When you start the mission you will find Abby’s Note (1/3) inside the boat on the counter.

Pushing Inland Artifact #2: Mansion Note Location

Image showing the Pushing Inland Artifact #2 Mansion Note Location.

Head up the cliff side and make your way over the fence to reach the Mesa Bluff Park. Head to the house #724 to the right with the U-Move trailer and infected in front of it. Go into the garage and grab the Mansion Note (2/3) off of the workbench.

Pushing Inland Trading Card #1: CBB-73 Location

Continue down the street and make your way onto the property of the large mansion on the hill. Climb the station wagon to reach the roof then head through the window. Take a right and walk down the hall to a bathroom. Go through this bathroom to reach a kids room. Grab the CBB-73 Trading Card (1/1) off the desk.

Pushing Inland Artifact #3: Runaway Warning

In the same house as the previous collectible drop down to the floor below and look for the kitchen. In the kitchen grab the Runaway Warning (3/3) off the center island.

Pushing Inland Workbench #1 Location

Can be found in the kitchen with the previous collectible. Look for it next to the stoves.

Pushing Inland Journal Entry #1 Location

Image showing the Pushing Inland Journal Entry #1 Location.

Leave the mansion by crawling under the stone wall in the backyard. When you emerge on the otherside you will see a cop car. Walk over to the passenger’s side of the cop car and look at Santa Barbara when prompted to get the Pushing Inland Journal Entry (1/1).

That’s all the collectibles players can find in the Pushing Inland mission of The Last of Us Part 2. This is the second to last mission that has collectibles before the game ends. The next mission, The Resort, has the final collectibles in the game.

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