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The final collectibles mission in The Last of Us 2 is The Resort. This mission tasks you with infiltrating a group of bandits hiding spot to find the imprisoned Abby. While you are making your way to Abby you will want to be on the lookout for collectibles. In total The Resort has 6 collectibles for you to find. The Last of Us 2 The Resort collectibles locations guide below will show you how and where to get all of the collectibles for this level.

The Resort Collectibles List (6 Total)

  • Artifacts: 2.
  • Trading Cards: 1.
  • Journal Entries: 1.
  • Workbenches: 1.
  • Weapons: 1.

The Resort Weapon Location

When you start The Resort mission you will have the Silenced Submachine Gun (1/1) in your inventory. There is nothing else you need to do to get this weapon.

The Resort Journal Entry #1 Location

Image showing The Resort Journal Entry #1 Location.

Head down the train tracks past the big building and keep going until you reach a green van with Rattlers written on the side. Interact with the van to get the final Journal Entry (1/1) of the game.

The Resort Artifact #1: Santa Barbara Slave Note Location

Image showing The Resort Artifact #1 Santa Barbara Slave Note Location.

Continue down the track and head through the train car. Climb the ladder of the fuel car next and watch the prisoner escort below you. After this cutscene happens you will drop down. Go to the left of the flat deck train car and turn left again so you are looking at a pallet of kegs. Next to this pallet of kegs in the corner is the Santa Barbara Slave Note (1/2) on a keg.

The Resort Workbench #1 Location

Head forward into the Rattlers compound and go to the wooden building that has the various carpentry tools and equipment. On the back wall of this building is The Resort Workbench (1/1).

The Resort Trading Card #1: Sparkthug Location

From the Workbench head into the large building directly behind it with the number 4 on it. You have to go into this building for the story so you will end up here anyways. As soon as you enter the building check the table to your right for the Sparkthug Trading Card (1/1). This is the final trading card in the game.

The Resort Artifact #2: Rattler’s Letter Home Location

The final collectible of the level can be found along the main story path. Complete the courtyard area then head into the villa. Inside this villa you will go up a set of circular stairs to the floor above. At the top of the stairs take a right and grab the Rattler Letter Home (2/2) off the nightstand next to the bed.

This concludes our The Resort collectibles locations guide. If you’ve followed all of out guides up to this point you will have collected each and every collectible available in TLOU 2. If you don’t have them all check out our The Last of Us 2 All Collectibles hub to find the ones you may be missing.

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