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In Genishin Impact there is a story quest players can complete that will randomly appear at the gates of Mondstadt. This quest tasks you with answering questions asked by a member of the Knights of Favonius named Swan. During this quest players will need to answer three questions correctly to complete the quest and earn the rewards from it. To help you complete this quest we’ve listed the Swan’s Quiz Quest answers and solutions below.

All Answers to Swan’s Questions

There are a few questions Swan may ask you when this quest starts. These questions come out of a random pool of six and pertain to different aspects of the story. When you answer Swan’s questions be sure to select the right answer to ensure you complete the quest. The answers to the questions are:

  • What is Jean’s official title?
    • Acting Grand Master.
  • What is the proper term of address for a stranger in Mondstadt? 
    • Strange yet respectable traveler.
  • What is Amber’s official title?
    • Outrider.
  • What is Lisa’s official title?
    • Librarian.
  • What are the ruins to the northwest of Mondstadt called? 
    • Stormterror’s Lair.
  • What is Kaeya’s official title?
    • Cavalry Captain.

If you answer the three questions asked by Swan correctly you will complete the quest. This rewards you with 5 Mondstadt Hash Browns, 20,000 Mora, and 100 Adventure Rank EXP.

Since the quest is random you will want to walk outside the gates of Modstadt daily until you trigger it to occur. Once it is started all you need to do is anwers the questions to finish it. If you don’t get the quest to trigger keep trying until it does. Overall it is an easy quest for easy rewards.

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