How to Fast Travel in Genshin Impact

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The world in Genshin Impact rather large. Exploring every inch of this large world is in your best interest as it contains various rewards to help power up your characters. Since exploration is key you will need to make your way to various locations which can take quite a while on foot. The guide below will help show you how to fast travel in Genshin Impact to seriously increase your travel time.

Fast Travel Waypoints in Genshin Impact

Image showing a Teleport Waypint in Genshin Impact.

The first thing you will encounter at the start of Genshin Impact is a Teleport Waypoint. This small pillar structure can be interacted with. When you interact with a Teleport Waypoint it will activate giving you a few rewards. Once a Teleport Waypoint is activated it becomes available for use in fast travel. Once you have a Teleport Waypoint active you can move onto the next step in the fast travel procedure.

How to Fast Travel to Teleport Waypoints in Genshin Impact

Once you find and activate a Teleport Waypoint in Genshin Impact it will become active on your map. To fast travel to the points you activate simply open you map and highlight an activated Teleport Waypoint (will be blue). When highlighted you will get the option to teleport. Select this option to fast travel.

That’s all you need to know about how to fast travel in Genshin Impact. This system is fairly easy but requires activating the many Teleport Waypoints scattered around the map to fully utilize. If you see a Teleport Waypoint nearby while you are out adventuring be sure to grab it to make future travel easier.

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