Starfield: Shepherd’s Pie Recipe Location

In Starfield players can use Cooking Stations to create different dishes that provide bonuses to the player. One dish players can create, after finding its recipe, is the Shepherd’s Pie. This dish, when consumed, restores players health by +15 and triggers a two percent XP boost for 60 minutes. To learn the Starfield Shepherd’s Pie recipe location and how to make the dish, see our guide below.

Where to Get the Shepherd’s Pie Recipe in Starfield

Image showing the entrance to The Well in Starfield.
To find the recipe go to Kay’s House in The Well.

To discover the Shepherd’s Pie recipe in Starfield, gamers must make their way to the planet of Jemison, located within the Alpha Centauri System. Once on this planet players need to make their way to The Well area beneath New Atlantis.

In The Well make your way to the location called Kay’s House. This restaurant features full on meal service including an item called the Shepherd’s Pie. While you can purchase a Shepherd’s Pie from the restaurant for yourself, the actual recipe we are taking about is located in Kay’s room above the restaurant.

Image showing The New Atlantian 05 in Starfield.
The recipe is on the desk in Kay’s room.

To reach Kay’s room go through the Kay’s House kitchen and use the stairs leading upstairs. At the top of the stairs you will enter Kay’s room. In this room you will find a number of items. The recipe for Shepherd’s Pie is located on the desk in the living room. It is called The New Atlantian 05.

How to Make Shepherd’s Pie in Starfield

Once you’ve acquired The New Atlantian 05 you will unlock the Shepherd’s Pie recipe. This recipe allows you to cook the Shepherd’s Pie dish at any Cooking Station you encounter, as long as you have the necessary ingredients. To make Shepherd’s Pie you need to the following ingredients:

  • Red meat x1
  • Carrot x1
  • Potato x1
  • Onion x1
  • Spice x1

If you consume the Shepherd’s Pie dish you will restore 15 health and will receive a two percent XP boost for 60 minutes. This makes the dish useful for players wanting to level up a little bit quicker.

This is not the only recipe players can find in Starfield. Players that still have parents alive can learn to make Grandpa’s Meatloaf, a powerful dish that features its own stat bonuses.

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