Starfield: New Game Plus Rewards

Image showing the Starborn Spacesuit Astra from Starfield.

In Starfield reaching the end of the game unlocks the ability for players to make a choice to embark on a new game plus adventure. This adventure has a number of changes to it. Some people are wondering if going into new game plus is worth it. Below we take a look at the different Starfield new game plus rewards you earn.

Starborn Guardian (Ship)

Image showing the Starborn Guardian ship details.
The Starborn Guardian ship.

When you enter new game plus in Starfield your character is a Starborn in a new universe. This is reflected in both the condensed story you can complete and also the rewards you receive. One of the rewards you get is the Starborn Guardian ship. This ship looks like the ones flown by The Hunter and The Emissary. The stats of this ship are:

  • Fuel: 1500.
  • Hull: 649.
  • Cargo Capacity: 950.
    • Shielded Capacity: 150
  • Reactor: 22.
  • Crew: 5.
  • Jump: 30 LY.
  • Shield: 630.
  • Sol: 24.
  • Tor: 70.
  • Value: 8202.
  • Mass: 348.

When you start new game plus you will be in the cockpit of this new ship. You still retain the Frontier, but are given this ship as an additional bonus for completing a story playthrough.

Starborn Spacesuit Astra (Armor)

In keeping with the Starborn theme your character also gets a special spacesuit to war. This spacesuit is the Starborn Spacesuit Astra. The suit is a complete set, meaning if it is equipped you cannot equip armor pieces. The stats of the suit are as follows:


  • Phys: 149.
  • Engy: 149.
  • Em: 149.
  • Thermal: 50.
  • Airborne: 50.
  • Corrosive: 50.
  • Radiation: 50.
  • Mass: 17.40.
  • Value: 62520.


  • Anti-Ballistic: -15% incoming physical damage from ranged weapons.
  • Auto-Medic: Automatically use a Med Pack when hit and health is below 25%, once every 60 seconds.
  • Repulsing: 5% chance to disarm nearby attackers.


  • Balanced Boostpack.

These two items are the major rewards you get from starting the new game plus mode. Whether or not you think they are worth restarting over again for depends if you plan on doing more playthroughs of the game. Given you don’t carry over any other items/ships into the NG+ mode, it may not be worth it.

There are other rewards players can get from making certain decisions in the game. Players that take the Kid Stuff trait at the beginning of the game can receive a number of good items from their parents.

Thoughts on the Starfield New Game Plus Rewards? Drop them in the comments below.



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