Starfield: Kid Stuff Trait Rewards

Image showing the ship reward from your father in Starfield.

The Starfield Kid Stuff trait is one of the possible traits that players can select when they start the game. This trait makes it possible for players to visit their parents regularly during the game. Each the player visits their parents when invited, they receive a reward from them. There are multiple rewards for players to collect. To keep track of them all here’s the complete Starfield Kid Stuff trait rewards.

Reward 1: High School Backpack

Image showing the location of the High School Backpack in Starfield.
You can snag the High School Backpack from you bedroom.

The first reward is not given to you by your parents, but is acquirable from inside their apartment. When you visit make your way to you room. On the floor of your room you will find the High School Backpack. This backpack features additional carrying capacity, which makes it fairly useful at the beginning of the game.

Reward 2: Sir Livingstone’s Pistol

Image from Starfield showing the Sir Livingstone's Pistol details screen.
Your father gives you the Sir Livingstone’s Pistol.

Following the first visit with your parents they will come to The Lodge. Here both will talk about their connections to the Constellations. After this interaction your father will give you the Sir Livingstone’s Pistol. This handgun is fairly decent to use in early game as its ammo is cheap to purchase from vendors.

Reward 3: Grandpa’s Meatloaf Recipe

Image showing the Grandpa's Meatloaf recipe and effect in Starfield.
On your second visit with your parents the Grandpa’s Meatloaf recipe.

During the second requested visit with your parents you and your father will talk about your grandfather. Turns out he was a good chef that ran a restaurant. This inspires your father to share with you the details of the Grandpa’s Meatloaf recipe. Once you’ve heard the details this cooking dish is available to make at any Cooking Station.

Reward 4: Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit & Space Helmet

Image showing the Gran-Gran armor set equipped in Starfield.
Gran-Gran’s armor set.

During the third requested visit with your parents you and your mother will talk about your grandmother. Your grandmother was a member of the UC. While cleaning out some old things your mother finds Gran-Gran’s old spacesuit and space helmet. She offers them to you. If you accept the gift you receive Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit & Space Helmet.

Reward 5: Wanderwall Ship

Image showing the Wanderwall ship in Starfield.
Your father gives you the Wanderwall ship.

During the forth requested visit with your parents your father has very good news for you. Turns out he plays a bit of cards regularly. At the last card’s night he won himself a ship. Since neither him or your mother flies, he offers you the ship. If you accept you receive the Wanderwall, a mid-tier ship.

It’s very important to note that you can only get these rewards if you have the Kid Stuff trait active. Players that stop paying their parents will cause them to move away, making them inaccessible to visit.

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