Starfield: Gran-Gran’s Armor Set From Mother

Image showing the mother in Starfield giving the player Gran-Gran's Armor Set.

Players can obtain the exclusive Gran-Gran’s armor set in Starfield by choosing the Kid Stuff trait during their game’s initial setup. This trait allows players to regularly visit their parents who give them various items. One of these items is Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit and Space Helmet. To learn more about this armor set, consult our Starfield Gran-Gran’s armor set guide below.

How to Get Gran-Gran’s Armor Set in Starfield

To get Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit and Space Helmet, follow the storyline with your parents. It’s easy. As you progress the main storyline, Noel at the Lodge (or a note) will mention that your parents want to see you. When you visit them, they’ll give you rewards. The third visit gives you Gran-Gran’s armor set.

Remember, you need to have the Kid Stuff trait. If you talk to your father and remove the trait before getting the armor set, you can’t get it. This applies to rewards like Grandpa’s Meatloaf and the ship your father gives at the questline’s end.

Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit and Space Helmet Stats & Bonuses in Starfield

Image showing the Gran-Gran armor set equipped in Starfield.
Gran-Gran’s armor set equipped.

Players can utilize the Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit and Space Helmet as a solid armor set for the early and mid-game. This ensemble offers not only formidable protection but also augments your gameplay with valuable stat enhancements and bonus features. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of the individual pieces and their accompanying stats:

Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit Stats

  • PHYS: 76.
  • ENGY 60.
  • EM: 68.
  • Thermal: 35.
  • Airborne: 10.
  • Corrosive: 20.
  • Radiation: 15.
  • Mass 8.14.
  • Value: 6858.
  • Mod: Pocketed – Increases carrying capacity.

Gran-Gran’s Space Helmet Stats

  • PHYS: 26.
  • ENGY 42.
  • EM: 34.
  • Thermal: 20.
  • Airborne: 5.
  • Corrosive: 15.
  • Radiation: 10.
  • Mass 2.42.
  • Value: 1644.
  • Mod: Sensory Array – Increases the rang of enemy detection on the Compass.

Overall this armor set is not bad. It is easy to get and features a couple of good mods players will find useful to use while playing. You can enhance both armor pieces further by visiting a Spacesuit Workbench and adding additional mods.

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