Starfield: Donna Rain Terrabrew Cappuccino Request Guide

Various characters in Starfield give players a number of quests to complete.. One quest players can do comes from a janitor in New Atlantis called Donna Rain. Donna feels very tired and needs a little caffeine to perk herself up.. To help you complete this quest here’s our full Starfield Donna Rain Terrabrew Cappuccino quest guide.

Where to Find Donna Rain in Starfield

Donna Rain is located on the planet of Jemison in the city of New Atlantis. Once you reach this city make your way to the NAT (New Atlantis Transit) system and ride the train to the MAST District. In the train station you will encounter Donna cleaning the platform. Speak to her here and ask “How’s it going?” then say “No offense, but you look a little bit tired.” Donna will then ask the player for a Terrabrew Cappuccino.

Where to Find a Terrabrew Cappuccino for Donna in Starfield

Image showing the Terrabrew Coffee shop in the Commercial District on Atlantis.
A Terrabrew coffee shop on Atlantis.

To get a Terrabrew Cappuccino for Donna use the NAT to go to the Commercial District. In this district head to the left from the NAT platform to reach a Terrabrew coffee shop. At the coffee shop order a Terrabrew Cappuccino for 75 credits.

Take the Terrabrew Cappuccino and go back to Donna on the MAST District platform. Speak to her and give her the TerraCino you just purchased. Donna will thank you for helping her and will give you 400 Credits as a reward.

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