South Park: The Fractured But Whole – The Headshot Job Guide

South Park: The Fractured But Whole features a number of side quests you can complete if you so desire. One of the more interesting and crazy ones is found in the Police Station. This quest features an interesting twist at the end and is a definite must complete (imo). Here’s our The headshot Job guide.

Scavenger Hunt: The Headshot Job

Head to the Police Station and make your way to the “Soft Room”. Here you will meet Mr. Adams. Mr. Adams wants you to post 7 headshots throughout South Park. These headshots go on bulletin boards at these locations:

Police Station entry (below guy that buzzes you in)

The Headshot Job guide

Peppermint Hippo entry (drag the steps over to reach the bulletin board)

The Headshot Job guide

Move the step over to the counter to place this headshot.

City Hall Community Board

The Headshot Job guide

Outside of City Hall you will find this bulletin board.

Community Center board

The Headshot Job guide

Make your way to the Community Center to place this headshot.

School board located in the upper area of school entry (requires Fartkour)

The Headshot Job guide

Use the Human Kite’s Fartkour Ally Ability to reach this area.

Tweek’s Coffee board

The Headshot Job guide

Below the cashier you will see the Bulletin Board.

Stark’s Pond board (requires Sandblaster)

Stark's Pond Bulletin Board

Near Stark’s Pond you will find the final Bulletin Board’

Complete The Quest

The Headshot Job quest

After you’ve placed all of Mr. Adams’ headshots, return to the Police Station to collect your reward (you will need to progress the story before your can do so). Completing the quest nets you the ability to take a selfie with Mr. Adams, and earns you the Idol of Inappropriate Touching as well as the Fanatic Visage.


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Our South Park: The Fracture But Whole The Headshot Job guide is being updated.


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