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Simulation: Safeguard is a replayable weekly campaign quest players can complete in Destiny 2: Beyond Light. This campaign quest tasks you with completing a simulation event in the Bray Exoscience location on Europa. To learn more about this quest check the guide for the Simulation: Safeguard mission guide below.

Recommended Power: 1230.

How to Start Simulation: Safeguard

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You are first introduced to the Simulation missions via a quest from Variks called Old Secrets, New Challenges. During this quest you have to go to the Bray Exoscience building. In the control room of the lobby you will interact with a quest flag that takes you to the Simulation: Survival starting area. Once you complete this quest once you will unlock the weekly Simulation mission on your map (as seen above). Simply interact with the icon to launch it.

How to Complete Simulation: Safeguard

This weekly campaign mission is heavily combat centered. To complete this task you need to defend the two Ziggurat platforms from oncoming Vex waves. These platforms are located on the east and west sides of the levels where the friendly bots are standing. When a Vex enemy steps onto the platform the Simulated Ziggurat Stability % begins to fall. If it reaches zero you fail the mission and will have to restart. When enemies are not on the platforms the Simulated Ziggurat Stability will regenerate.

On each side of the level you will see confluxs. These become available for you to shoot as you fight the Vex. When you shoot a conflux it causes the Vex to momentarily malfunction, which freezes them for a short period of time. Once you’ve defeated the fourth of the wave attacks you will trigger a checkpoint.

Alongside the checkpoint a gate Vex will appear out of the large portal. You will then need to defeat this boss while defending both of the platforms from Vex waves. Once you destroy the Vex boss the mission will end and a chest will appear that you can open. After you open the chest you will get sent back to Europa.

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