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Image showing the Attaché Case Charms for sale at the Merchant's Shop in Separate Ways.

In Separate Ways players can add buffs to Ada Wong by equipping special case charms to their attaché. These charms are identical in nature to the ones you earned in the shooting range in the Resident Evil 4 Remake, but their unlock requirements are different in the DLC. To learn everything you need to know about the Separate Ways Case Charms, see our guide below.

How to Get Attaché Case Charms in the Separate Ways DLC

In the Separate Ways, obtaining Attaché Case Charms for Ada differs from the remake. Instead of having to earn them, players simply need to progress through the expansion’s various chapters. Starting from Chapter 2, the Merchant will offer Charms for purchase in his shop. As you advance through the chapters, new charms are gradually added to the Merchant’s list, allowing players to customize Ada’s Attaché Case with more options over time.

What are the Attaché Case Charms in the Separate Ways DLC

Like in the base game Attaché Case Charms, when equipped, give Ada special gameplay boosts. These boosts come in all types and can be very beneficial to have and use. This is especially true for higher difficulty playthroughs where any buff can give you a major helping hand. The table below features all details you need to know about the Separate Ways Attaché Case Charms.

CharmUnlocked InCostDescription
Don JoseChapter 22,500+15% handgun ammo craft bonus frequency
Don ManuelChapter 22,500+15% submachine gun ammo craft bonus frequency
StrikerChapter 3100,000+8% running speed
Don DiegoChapter 32,500+15% rifle ammo craft bonus frequency
Don EstebanChapter 32,500+15% shotgun shells craft bonus frequency
Cute BearChapter 470,000-1 gunpowder used when crafting
Iluminados EmblemChapter 525,000+20% melee critical hit rate
Ada WongChapter 55x SpinelRip shields away from certain enemies using the grapple gun

The most interesting of the charms listed above is the Ada Wong charm you get trading for 5x Spinel. This charm upgrades her grapple gun to make it more useful against shielded enemies. To earn the required Spinel to purchase that charm complete a Merchant Request like destroying the Blue Medallions in the Cliff area or find Leon’s missing jacket.

How to Equip Attaché Case Charms in the Separate Ways DLC

To equip any of the charms you’ve purchased from the table above, you’ll need access to a typewriter in the game. Once you have access to this device, interact with it, and then select the “Customize Case” option. This action will open the Customize Case menu, where you can equip or unequip any of the available charms for use in your Attaché Case. It’s important to note that you can have a maximum of three charms equipped at any given time.

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