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Image showing the Shield Grapple ability in Separate Ways DLC.

One of the intriguing mechanics introduced in Separate Ways is the Grapple Gun, a versatile tool that enhances Ada’s mobility throughout the maps. Not only does it enable smoother navigation compared to Leon’s gameplay, but it also serves as a melee weapon. While the basic Grapple Gun is useful, there’s a method to further enhance its capabilities. The following guide will take you through the steps to unlock and utilize the Separate Ways Grapple Gun upgrade.

Where to Get the Grapple Gun Shield Pull Upgrade in the Separate Ways DLC

Image showing the Ada Wong charm in Separate Ways DLC.
The Legendary Ada Wong case charm unlocks a very useful Grapple Gun ability.

To upgrade the Grapple Gun in Separate Ways, you’ll need to obtain a specific Attach√© Case Charm called the “Ada Wong” charm. Fortunately, acquiring this charm is a straightforward process. Just like with other charms in the game, you’ll need to progress through the main storyline until the Merchant starts selling it. This happens in Chapter 5 of the game. Once it becomes available for purchase, you’ll be able to acquire the Ada Wong charm and enhance your Grapple Gun’s functionality.

Starting from Chapter 5 onward, you can approach the Merchant to buy the Ada Wong charm for your Grapple Gun. It’s important to note that unlike other charms that can be acquired with the in-game currency ptas, this particular charm can only be obtained by trading five Spinels for it. If you’re lacking Spinels, you have a couple of options to acquire them: you can search for them on the various maps or earn them by completing Merchant Requests.

How to Pull Shields with The Grapple Gun in the Separate Ways DLC

Once you’ve obtained and equipped the Ada Wong charm, it grants your Grapple Gun a valuable new ability: the Shield Pull. This ability enables you to disarm enemies who are carrying shields, making it particularly handy in the latter segments of the DLC where shielded enemies become more common.

To utilize this ability, approach a shielded enemy closely, and be on the lookout for a prompt that appears above the enemy, indicating “Grapple Shield.” When this prompt appears, simply press the designated button to initiate the Shield Pull. This action will remove the enemy’s shield, leaving them vulnerable and exposed for you to deal with more effectively.

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