Rollendritch Standing Stones Solution – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

In Glowecestrescire, England there is a Standing Stone puzzles players can complete called Rollendritch. This puzzle tasks the player with matching lines on the stones together to make a specific symbol. Making the symbol can be a bit of a challenge. To take the challenge out of the puzzle use our Rollendritch Standing Stones Solution guide below.

Where to Find the Rollendritch Standing Stones

You can find this Standing Stones puzzle in the east side of the Glowecestrescire, England area of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. At the location shown on the map above you will find a number of stones in a circle. These stones are the Standing Stone puzzle. Enter the circle and read the stone symbol there. This will trigger Brendan of Clonfert to speak. Take note of the symbol you see on the stone and note. This is what we are trying to recreate.

How to Solve the Rollendritch Standing Stones

Image showing the Rollendritch Standing Stones solution.

From the stone symbol head south to the rock that is lying on its side. Stand behind the rock that has the two trees beside it. Angle yourself near the two trees and rock so you are staring back at the rocks in the Standing Stones. You should see the general shape taking shape. Move Eivor around until the lines are connected. Hold there for a few seconds to complete the puzzle.

When you complete the Rollendritch Standing Stones puzzle you will earn XP and +1 Glowecestrescire. You will also rest for a brief moment which you can let happen to heal up Eivor. If you are wanting to 100% the game you will need to complete this Standing Stones as part of the 100%.

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