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There are a number of special treasures for players to acquire while they playthrough Resident Evil Village. These treasures are marked on your map. One treasure you may have noticed is the Beneviento Treasure in the graveyard to the west of town. This treasure requires finding a special item before you can open it. To get this treasure see our Resident Evil Village Beneviento Treasure guide below.

Find the Broken Slab Key Item

Before you can gain access to the Beneviento Treasure you need to find a Key Item called the Broken Slab. This item is located in the Graveyard of the Village upon entering it the third time in the story (after completing the Doll House). The slab is located inside the crypt on the left-side of the Graveyard. Enter the crypt and grab the Broken Slab off of the ground.

Open the Beneviento Grave Using the Broken Slab

Take the Broken Slab key item go to the Beneviento Treasure chest marked on your map. At this location you will need to take down a large giant enemy. Once that enemy is out of the way approach the grave in the center of the area and examine the slab on it. Place the Broken Slab on the grave to open it. In the grave is the Berengario’s Chalice which sells for 18,000 Lei.

That’s all you need to know to get the Beneviento Treasure. This treasure is purely optional. You do now have to do it during a playthrough. With that said the additional Lei is nice for a minimal amount of work. The only real issue is dealing with the giant that guards the gravesite. For more guides like this one see our our Resident Evil Village hub section.

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