How to Pick Locks in Resident Evil Village

As you explore the world of Resident Evil Village you will come across certain locked drawers. These locked doors can only be opened by using a lockpick. Lockpicks are special items you need to find. To learn more about this system here’s our how to pick locks in Resident Evil Village guide.

How to Open Locks with a Lockpick in Resident Evil Village

Image showing the lockpick being used in Resident Evil Village.

When you are making your way through the different areas in Resident Evil Village you will encounter certain locks that can only be opened with a lockpick. Trying to open these locks without one will give you the message “an easy-to-pick lock.” This message hints at what you need to open the lock which is a lockpick. Lockpicks can be found a couple of ways including purchasing them from Duke or finding them hidden throughout the different levels.

Once you manage to acquire a lockpick picking a lock is fairly easy. All you need to do is approach the locked things you wish to open. Press the Examine button to open the menu. From the menu pick the lockpick. This will trigger an animation where the lock is picked and the thing will open. You will typically find treasure or resources inside the locked things you picked.

That’s all you need to know to pick locks in Resident Evil Village. The system itself is simple, but finding the lockpicks to use is a bit more of a pain. Keep in mind a lockpick is one time use only, so you will need to acquire numerous picks to open all the locks in the game. Check out more guides like this one in our Resident Evil Village hub section.

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