How to Use Wells in Resident Evil Village

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As you explore Resident Evil Village you will come across a number of wells. These wells have a crank mechanism you can use to raise and lower the bucket inside them. When you attempt to do this without a key item you will get a warning. To learn more here’s how to use wells in Resident Evil Village.

Where to Find Well Wheel Key Item

The Well Wheel is located at this spot on the map.

To be able to raise and lower the buckets inside the wells you need to find the Key Item called the Well Wheel. This item is required to advance the story. Once you’ve cleared out the Castle you will revisit the Village a second time. Here you can go to a few new locations. The location we want to visit is in West Old Town. To get here do the following:

  • Get Jack Handle from Workshop.
  • Raise tractor using Jack Handle and crawl under it.
  • Follow path and open Iron Insignia gate.
  • Get Well Wheel Key Item from building shown on map above.

Once you have the Well Wheel key item you can start raising and lowering the buckets inside wells you come across. These buckets often contain special items and rewards. To use the Well Wheel simply approach the well and interact with the cog system. This will raise the bucket letting you get at what is inside.

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