Resident Evil 4 Remake Stone Pedestal

The Resident Evil 4 Remake Stone Pedestal puzzle is a puzzle that players will encounter during Chapter 3. This puzzle requires you to collect three Hexagon pieces to place on the pedestal. Once the pieces are placed you can then solve the puzzle to get at the treasure inside. To help you complete this puzzle see our Stone Pedestal puzzle solution guide below.

Hexagon Piece A Location

The Hexagon Piece A puzzle piece is located by the stairs in the underground Merchant’s shop area before the Fish Farm. You can return to this area with the boat in Chapter 4 if you missed it during Chapter 3.

Hexagon Piece B Location

The Hexagon Piece B puzzle piece is located in the Fish Farm are. Make your way over to where you would get the Boat Gas and head north under the pathway. In this area you will find the puzzle piece inside of a treasure chest. This area can be accessed during Chapter 3 or 4.

Hexagon Piece C Location

As part of the Chapter 4 objectives you need to find items in Caves around the Lake. One of the caves is the Small Cave Shrine. Go to this location and solve the Stone Dias. Go inside the room when it unlocks and you will find Hexagon Piece B to the right of the statue in a case.

How to Solve the Stone Pedestal Puzzle

Resident Evil 4 Remake Stone Pedestal solution.
Stone Pedestal solution.

Once you’ve grabbed all three of the Hexagon Pieces make your way back to the Stone Pedestal. To solve this puzzle you need to place the three pieces and then rotate them to create a picture. Place A, then B, and then C. Depending on the difficulty you will need to spin this a certain way:

  • Assisted/Standard: Spin bottom left x1 and then spin topx1.
  • Hardcore/Professional: Spin bottom right x2, then bottom left x2, and then top x1.

After the puzzle is solved you the container will open. Inside it you will are able to grab the Depraved Idol. This item sells to the Merchant for 15,000 Pesetas.

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