Resident Evil 4 Remake Clock and Lamp Puzzles

Resident Evil 4 Remake Ashley Clock puzzle solution.

In Resident Evil 4 Remake during Chapter 9 there is a section during which players play as Ashley. In this section Ashley must solve two puzzles. These puzzles are putting the correct time into a Clock and placing 3 lamps in the correct order in a mausoleum. To complete both puzzles see the Resident Evil 4 Remake Clock and Lamp puzzles solutions below.

Clock Puzzle Solution

The first puzzle you encounter with Ashley is the Clock puzzle. This puzzle is encountered at the end of the Library. To successfully solve this puzzle you need to input the chosen time. There are two times you can input depending on the difficulty you are playing on.

  • 11:04 for Assisted and Standard difficulties.
  • 7:00 for Hardcore and Professional difficulties.

To input either of these times simply approach the clock and interact with it. Move the minute (short) and hour (long) hands to their correct positions to make the time. Doing this correctly opens a door behind the clock that allows you to venture deeper into the area.

Mausoleum Lamp Puzzle Solution

Resident Evil 4 Remake Mausoleum lamp puzzle.
Solve the lamp puzzle to open the crypt.

After the elevator ride you reach the Mausoleum. Open the gate by pulling the four gongs then go deeper inside. In the next room you will need to place 3 lamps in a specific order to open the crypt. The order to place the lamps (when facing the front of the crypt):

  • Left: Half-Moon.
  • Right: Star.
  • Top: Full Moon.

When all three lamps are placed correctly you will open the crypt. Go inside to pick up the Salazar Family Insignia. Once you’ve picked up the Insignia you will need to run all the way back to the elevator, avoiding the suits of armor in your way. There’s a little bit left of the Chapter you will need to complete. Once that portion is done you will begin Chapter 10.

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