Remnant From the Ashes: What to Do in Fetid Pools Guide

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In the Swamps of Corsus update for Remnant From the Ashes there are a number of new dungeons for players to explore on Corsus. One of the dungeons, Fetid Pools, has been a bit of a mystery until now. A member of the Remnant From the Ashes Discord called Nigh7mare discovered the solution. To help you complete this new dungeon use our what to do in Fetid Pools guide below.

Where to Find the Rusted Amulet

Image showing where to find the Rusted Amulet.

The Rusted Amulet is the first item you will need to find to complete the Fetid Pools. This purple item can be found inside the Fetid Pools dungeon behind fake walls. You will need to search out this item first before advancing further into the dungeon.

How to Get the Fetid Pools Acid Cleaned Key

Image showing a Map of the Fetid Pools.

Note: If you do this portion with a party each party member will get this quest item. Allowing you to open more doors than you can in a solo game.

Inside the Fetid Pools dungeon head to the large round room marked on the map above. In this room equip the Rusted Amulet and crouch inside one of the acid pools. While crouching in the pool you will receive the Acid Cleaned Key (at a cost of the amulet). Take the quest item and head to the end of the dungeon where a checkpoint crystal is.

How to Open Locked Doors in Fetid Pools

Image showing how to open the locked doors in Fetid Pools.

Note: If you wish to get the Hero’s Ring on solo you will be unable to do this as there are three doors upstairs which need to be opened. Earlier versions of this guide incorrectly stated it was possible to do solo.

In the last room of the Fetid Pools dungeon you will find a checkpoint crystal and five locked doors. With the Acid Cleaned Key you can unlock one of the doors each playthrough (or more than that if in a party). Behind the locked doors you will find the following:

  • Enemy.
  • 10 Lumenite Crystal.
  • Simulacrum.
  • Heart of Darkness (Necklace): Increases Ranged and Melee damage dealt by 20%. Increases damage received by 50% for 60 seconds after using a Dragon Heart.
  • Stairs leading to second floor. Second floor has 3 locked doors containing:
    • ~15 Glowing Fragments.
    • Hero’s Ring: Increases Movement Speed by 25% while sprinting towards a wounded teammate. Revive Speed is increased by 100% and the wearer cannot by staggered while reviving.
    • Collecting the Hero’s Ring also unlocks the Trait Fortification which reduces damage take while reviving.

When you open one of the locked doors listed above you will use up the Acid Cleaned Key. This means you will need to complete multiple play-throughs of the dungeon to get all the items listed above.

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