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Remnant: From the Ashes features a number of different merchants who sell a variety of items. To help you find all the merchants and learn what they have for sale, use our Remnant From the Ashes merchants guide below.

Merchants in Ward 13

There are a few merchants available for you to use as soon as you start playing Remnant: From the Ashes. These merchants I consider core since they stock more items as you progress you playthrough as well as offer upgrade services. Here are the merchants.

Ace (Materials)

Image showing Merchant ACE.

Ace sells various upgrade materials. At first she will only stock Iron, but as you progress she will start stocking more exotic materials for your upgrading needs. Ace is also the person you give the Lucky Coin key item too.

Reggie (Consumables)

Image showing Reggie.

In Ward 13 Reggie is your go to stop for consumables. He pretty much carries everything you need as you progress through the story. Hit Reggie often! You can give Reggie the Tarnished Ring key item once you’ve found it.

Rigs (Weapons & Armor)

Image of Rigs upgrading stuff.

Rigs is your go to for weapons and armor. He is able to upgrade your current gear while also selling armor sets and weapons. You will spend a lot of time with Rigs.

McCabe (Boss Items)

Image of McCabe.

McCabe deals with all things boss related. You can bring any rare boss materials to McCabe and she will make you various boss items such as weapons and weapon mods. Like Rigs you will visit McCabe often.

Root Mother (Earth-After The Church)

Image showing the Root Mother merchant.

The Twisted Woman is an NPC you have to interact with in order to advance the story. She resides inside The Church of the Harbinger. Once you’ve freed her she will head to Ward 13. At Ward 13 she will offer to upgrade your Dragon Heart for you.

Planet Vendors

You will find various vendors on the different planets you visit during your playthrough of Remnant: From the Ashes. These vendors sell different items including consumables, weapons, armor, and more. It is in your best interest to seek them out.

Twisted Mask Merchant (Earth-Junktown)

Image of the Junk Town vendor.

The Twisted Mask Merchant is a random merchant that can spawn on Earth. This merchant is nervous when you speak with him. Basically ignore any comments about the mask he’s wearing to buy from him. He sells materials if you leave him alive. If you want the mask for yourself, kill him to get the Twisted Mask head piece.

Mud Tooth (Earth-Mud Tooth’s Hideout)

Image showing what Mud Tooth has for sale.

Located in an old helicopter on Earth is Mud Tooth. Mud Tooth resides in an old helicopter directly above the Mud Tooth’s Hideout checkpoint. Mud Tooth sells the following Consumables:

  • Ammo Box for $200.
  • Mudtooth’s Stew for $500.
  • Mudtooth’s Tonic for $500.

This merchant stays in his location, so you will need to visit him if you want to purchase supplies in the future. Also if you exhaust his dialogue he will give you a Pocket Watch item.

Houndmaster (Rohm-The Stalker’s Den)

Image showing the Houndmaster.

On Rhom there is an area called The Stalker’s Den. This area features a pack of Stalker and a Houndmaster. If you speak to the Houndmaster he will sell you the consumable item Houndmaster Jerky. If you open fire on the Stalkers it triggers a boss fight with Maul. Killing Maul & Houndmaster earns you the Control Rod item (this can be used on the Ancient Construct outside Wud’s to trigger boss fight).

Wud (Rohm-Wasteland Merchant)

Image showing Wud the Wasteland Merchant.

Wud is another merchant on Rhom. He resides inside a crashed ship (fairly obvious) in the Wasteland. Wud sells a selection of Consumables and Trinkets:

  • Ammo Box for $200.
  • Bloodwort for $100.
  • Heavy Water Elixir for $50.
  • Jewel of the Black Sun for $400.
  • Mender’s Charm for $500.

Wud also sells secret. If you purchase all the secrets from Wud he will sell you the Osseous armor set. You cannot kill Wud. The game will not let you.

The Elf Queen (Corsus-The Elf Queen)

Image of The Elf Queen merchant

The Elf Queen in Corsus will sell you a few Consumables as well as a Weapon.

Stuck Merchant (Yaesha – Stuck Merchant)

Image showing the Stuck Merchant.

The Stuck Merchant is a merchant you may encounter on Yaesha. This merchant sells a number of items including consumables, weapons, armor, and a 100,000 Scrap ring.

These are all the merchants I have found so far in Remnant: From the Ashes. I will update this post soon with more as I find them. Let me know which ones I’m missing in The Pit below.



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