Remnant 2 Morrow Sanatorium Safe Code

The Remnant 2 Morrow Sanatorium Safe is a safe you will encounter as your explore the Morrow Sanatorium in Morrow Parish. This safe is locked in Dr Morrow’s office and is locked by a 4-digit code. To open this safe you need to find the code. To help you find the code here’s our complete Remnant 2 Morrow Sanatorium Safe Code guide.

Where to Find Doctor’s Safe

The Doctor’s Safe is located in the Morrow Sanatorium in Morrow Parish. The safe is on the main floor in the room behind the reception area which is the head Doctor’s office. The safe is to the right of the desk near the fireplace. It is locked until you learn the code.

What is The Doctor’s Office Safe Code

Remnant 2 Doctor's location.
The doctor is located in a cell in the basement.

Finding the Doctor’s Safe Code is fairly easy to do. Leave the Doctor’s office and head to the right down the hallway there. Take the left at the end of the hallway to go down into the sanatorium’s basement.

In the basement go to the right at the cobwebs to the last door on the left of the hallway. Here you can interact with the doctor who got locked away by their staff. To learn the safe code from her, give her the three Stone-Carved Dolls quest items. She will sing a song that includes the following lines:

Two shiny copper teeth removed from

nine discarded combs, and

seven yellowed leaves excised from

one forgotten tome.

If she doesn’t sing the song for you attempt to speak with her. Go through the different questions until she does. Additionally you can give her the statue items to get her to sing as well. Additionally you can try reloading the area if you don’t hear the song.

To determine the code take the numbers from the song and string them together. This makes the 4-digit code of 2971. Go back to the Doctor’s office an input the code in the safe to open it. Inside the safe is the Double Barrel handgun. This is a secondary weapon you can equip.

This is not the only safe code players can find in the game. There is a safe code for Ward 13 that opens Founder Ford’s safe. See our Founder Ford’s Safe code for help with that puzzle. You can also check out more codes in our Remnant 2 Safe Codes list.

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