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On December 1 Rockstar released a new title update for Red Dead Online. This new title update featured new additions to the Bounty Hunter role along with a new season pass. This season pass contains a total of 100 ranks players can level up to unlock rewards on both free and paid tracks. To see the full list of Outlaw Pass 4 content consult our list below.


  • Outlaw Pass 4 costs 40 Gold.
  • Pass content can be seen under Progress > Club Rewards.
  • Rewards are either added to your account or must be collected from the post office/camp box.

All 100 Level Unlocks in Outlaw Pass 4 of Red Dead Online

The Outlaw Pass 4 is set to run from December 1-March 15, 2021. This pas has a theme around warm winter clothing. There are a number of items you can unlock alongside these clothing items by levelling up this pass ranging from ammo pouch upgrades to new skills. The pass is broken up into two tracks with there being a free and paid tracks you can unlock. The contents of each pass can be found in the lists below.

Free Unlocks in Outlaw Pass 4

  • Cloth Wrap – Scarlet (R1).
  • RDO $50 (R3)
  • Inquisitive – Walking Style (R5).
  • Bison Backdrop (R8).
  • Provision Parcel (R12).
  • Cloth Wrap – Indigo (R16).
  • The Duo flag (R19).
  • Outpour emote (R25).
  • Ammo Parcel (R28).
  • Dawn Elk Photograph (R32).
  • Gun Care Parcel (R37).
  • Kill Cam Filter (R41).
  • Ammo Parcel (R45).
  • Ability Card (R49).
  • Ammo Parcel (R54).
  • RDO$100 (R58).
  • Ammo Parcel (R64).
  • Naturalist Photograph Moonshine Shack decor (R69).
  • Provisions Parcel (R74).
  • Sunset Mare Flag (R80).
  • Ammo Parcel (R85).
  • Ammo Parcel (R89).
  • Cloth Wrap – Amethyst (R93).
  • Stallion Backdrop (R98).
  • Estevez Gun Belt & Holster (R100)

Paid Unlocks in Outlaw Pass 4

  • 15% Role XP Boost (R1).
  • Efficient Cooking (R2).
  • Entertainers Pose Posse Portrait (R3).
  • Lucky Hat (R4).
  • 3 Gold Bars (R5).
  • Ammo Parcel (R6).
  • Clam Juice Flag (R7).
  • Longarm Metal Change (R8).
  • Horse Care Parcel (R9).
  • Falls Photograph (R10).
  • Wild Tail – Tan & White (R11).
  • Provisions Parcel (R12).
  • Select Bounty Hunter Role Items – 40% off (R13).
  • Horse Mustache (R14).
  • Loose Mane (R15).
  • Emerald Ranch Photograph (R16).
  • Blue Pass Filter (R17).
  • Ingredients Parcel (R18).
  • 25 Trader Goods (R19).
  • Garden photo backdrop (R20).
  • Sage Polka Dot Wrap (R21).
  • Ammo Parcel (R22).
  • Crates Pose (R23).
  • 3 Gold Bars (R24).
  • Twohorn Buckle (R25).
  • RDO$50 (R26).
  • Loose Mane – Tane & White (R27).
  • Collectibles Parcel (R28).
  • Select Multi-Class Horses – 40% off (R29).
  • 25% Role XP Boost (R30).
  • Frayed Mane – Black & White (R31).
  • Longarm Metal Change (R32).
  • Fest flag (R33).
  • Horse Care Parcel (R34).
  • Lowden Chaps (R35).
  • Cloth Wrap – Magenta (R36).
  • Select Boots – 50% off (R37).
  • Irontooth Mask (R38).
  • Wild Tail – Black & White (R39).
  • 3 Gold Bars (R40).
  • Mash Refill (R41).
  • Collectibles Parcel (R42).
  • Ammo Pouch Upgrade – Shotgun (R43).
  • Cloth Wrap – Amber (R44).
  • Gelatin flag (R45).
  • Beckon emote (R46).
  • 200 Sedative Varmint Cartridges (R47).
  • Frayed Mane – White & Auburn (R48).
  • Moonshine Ingredients Parcel (R49).
  • Splithair Buckle (R50).
  • Hunting Cougar photograph (R51).
  • Loose Mane – White & Black (R52).
  • Injured Filter (R53).
  • Select Hats – Free (R54).
  • 3 Gold Bars (R55).
  • 5 Legendary Animal Pheromones (R56).
  • Baltz flag (R57).
  • Idea emote (R58).
  • Wild Tail – White & Auburn (R59).
  • Ammo Pouch Upgrade – Rifle (R60).
  • Sleek Mane – Black & White (R61).
  • Dead Eye Filter (R62).
  • Select Role Items – Free (R63).
  • Cloth Wrap – Emerald (R64).
  • 30% Role XP Boost (R65).
  • Ability Card Upgrade (R66).
  • Washwood Fur Coat (R67).
  • Recover Agent’s Pose (R68).
  • Yellow Pass Filter (R69).
  • 3 Gold Bars (R70).
  • Sleek Mane – White & Black (R71).
  • Select Coats – Free (R72).
  • Cloth Wrap – White (R73).
  • Oscroft Gloves (R74).
  • Rattletail Buckle (R75).
  • Bar Decor – 5 Gold off (R76).
  • 3 Gold Bars (R77).
  • Cuckoo Emote (R78).
  • Wild Tail – Auburn & White (R79).
  • Mystery Reward (R80).
  • Bleach Bypass Filter (R81).
  • 3 Gold Bars (R82).
  • Collectibles Parcel (R83).
  • Ammo Pouch Upgrade – Pistol (R84).
  • Gable Charm (R85).
  • Select Ponchos – Free (R86).
  • Banjo Band Pose (R87).
  • Sleek Mane – White & Auburn (R88).
  • 3 Gold Bars (R89).
  • Husky – Red (R90).
  • Best Shot emote (R91).
  • Horse Mustache – Curled (R92).
  • 3 Gold Bars (R93).
  • Treasure Map – North Ridgewood (R94).
  • Select Role Items – Free (R95).
  • Mystery Reward (R96).
  • Wilderness Travel (R97).
  • Russet Tartan Wrap (R98).
  • 3 Gold Bars (R99).
  • Brokenhoof Buckle (R100).
  • The Morment outfit (R100).

That’s everything that is available to unlock in the Outlaw Pass 4. Whether or not you think the contents of this pass are worth the price is largely up to you. For me, 40 Gold definitely doesn’t seem worth the investment as much of the pass is fairly useless.

Thoughts on the Outlaw Pass 4 Content in Red Dead Online? Sound off about it in the comments below.



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2 responses

  1. stumble guys says:

    If you don’t think you’ll finish the pass, wait until you do and miss out on the 10 gold refund, or wait for a second chance in the second half of the outlaw pass’s life.

  2. Ray Pew says:

    Purchase the pass this week and get 10 gold bar refund + Finish the pass and get 30 gold bars throughout leveling up = outlaw pass pays for itself. If you don’t think you’ll finish the pass, either wait until you do finish it and miss out on tut he 10 gold refund, or wait for a second chance at the 10 gold refund, which I’m sure they’ll do in the second half of the outlaw passes life time

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