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When you start Pokemon Sword for the first time you will be prompted to create your character. After you’ve created your character you watch a brief cutscene. After this cutscene you will take control of your character inside your home. From here you will begin your Pokemon journey. To help you get started use our how to reach the Motostoke Stadium guide.

Get Bag From Your Room

Image showing where to find the bag.

Before you leave your house you want to grab your bag from your room. The bag is located to the right of the kitchen in your room next to the bag. Interact with the bag to get mum’s old Bag. Once you have the Bag head out of your house.

Follow Hop to Wedgehurst

Outside make your way down the path until your run into Hop. Speak to Hop to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene you will need to race Hop to his house. Follow the path and take your first right. Enter the house there to reach Hop’s house. Inside the house you will trigger another cutscene. After the cutscene leave the house and head back to the path. Talk to Hop then walk along Route 1 to Wedgehurst (the town ahead). This triggers a cutscene with Leon that leads back to Hop’s house.

Choose Starter Pokemon

Image showing selecting the starter Pokemon.

At Hop’s house you will be introduced to the game’s three starters. Like previous games in the Pokemon series the starters are split into three types: fire, water, and grass. The starters in Pokemon Sword are:

  • Scorbunny (Fire Type).
  • Sobble (Water-type).
  • Grookey (Grass-type).

To select the starting pokemon you want, approach it and interact with it. You will be prompted to accept your choice do so now. I personally went with Scorbunny, but you should choose the starter you want.

Battle Hop

Once you’ve made your starter selection, Hop will select a starter from the remaining two Pokemon. The last Pokemon remaining will be selected by Leon. After the starter selection you will have a barbecue/cooking in front of the house. Then the day will end. The next day you will fight Hop. Hop has the following two Pokemon:

  • Wooloo (Lv.3).
  • Starter (Lv.5).

This fight serves as a tutorial. In this fight you will learn about type advantage and will level up to 7. After the fight Leon will introduce the Pokedex. Once you learn about the Pokedex you will learn our next destination which is the Pokemon Research Lab. Before heading there you need to return to see your mom. Head that way to trigger a cutscene involving the Wooloo we saw earlier trying to breakthrough the fence. It has broken through. Go into the Slumbering Weald.

Explore Slumbering Weald

Inside the Slumbering Weald make your way left into the tall grass. Here you will encounter your first wild Pokemon. Defeat this Pokemon then continue heading to the left across the bridge (you can heal through Hop if needed). Continue to the left and follow the path until you reach deep fog. Here you will trigger a cutscene with ???. This triggers a battle. This battle is unwinnable. As you fight the ??? Pokemon will release fog until the battlefield is covered. This triggers another cutscene. After the cutscene you will return in front of your house.

Say Goodbye to Mom

Head inside your house and make your way to the kitchen. Here you will trigger a cutscene with your mom. She will give you some money and wish you good luck on your Pokemon journey. After the cutscene leave and return to Wedgehurst.

Reach Pokemon Research Lab in Wedgehurst

Image showing the Pokemon Research Lab.

Along the way you to Wedgehurst you will need to go through the tall grass to avoid the sleeping Wooloo on your path. In the long grass grab the Potion and the 2x Paralyze Heal. Fight any Pokemon you want then head into Wedgehurst. The Pokemon Research Lab is the purple roofed building. Go to the building to reach Leon outside it. Here you will trigger a cutscene.

Head Down Route 2 to Professor’s House

Image showing the exterior of the Professor's house.

After you’ve spoken to Sonia in the cutscene leave the Pokemon Research Lab. Outside you will receive a Potion from a random. Take the Potion and head up the route through town. Here Hop will tell you about Pokemon Clinics. These buildings allow you to heal your Pokemon to full health. Stop in and grab a heal/items you may want for the journey down Route 2.

Leave the Poke Center and head down the path to Route 2. Along Route 2 you will trigger a cutscene to learn about catching Pokemon. After the cutscene you will receive 25x Poke Balls. Catch any Pokemon you want for your team as you travel along Route 2.

About half way along Route 2 you will encounter a Trainer Battle. This Trainer is Youngster Jake. Youngster Jake runs the following lineup of Pokemon:

  • Skwovet (Lv.6).

After you defeat Youngster Jake continue heading along Route 2. Head along the path above to reach 2x Potions next to the sign. Drop down to the path below and continue heading along the path. Head through the long grass to the right to reach a ledge with 3x Poke Balls. Drop down to the path below and continue forward to face off against Lass Lauren. Lass Lauren has the following Pokemon:

  • Chewtle (Lv.6)

Defeat Lass Lauren and continue along the path to fight yet another trainer. This trainer is located just before the bridge leading to the Professor’s house. The trainer is called Youngster Benjamin. He uses the following Pokemon:

  • Blipbug (Lv.5)
  • Nickit (Lv.7)

After you defeat Youngster Benjamin go across the bridge to the house. This triggers a cutscene. During the cutscene you head inside the house. Basically you need to fight Hop again. Hop has a new batch of Pokemon to fight you with:

  • Wooloo (Lv.6)
  • Starter Pokemon (Lv.8)
  • Rookidee (Lv.5)

Defeat Hop to get endorsement from Leon. Once you have the letter of Endorsement you are able to participate in the Gym Challenge. Once this happens an item will fall out of the sky. This item is Wishing Stars. Hop will give you one. This item allows Pokemon to Dynamax. After a brief cutscene you will get the Dynamax Band.

Go to Station in Wedgehurst

Image showing the Train Station in Wedgehurst.

After you’ve seen all the cutscenes you will need to head to the train station in Wedgehurst. Make your way back along Route 2 and enter Wedgehurst. Inside Wedgehurst head to the train station. In front the of the train station Hop will give you TM40 Swift. Head into the station to trigger a cutscene with your mother. She will give you set of Camping Gear. Head off to reach the Wild Area before Motostoke.

Wild Area: Motostoke

Image showing the Wild Area outside Motostoke.

Before you leave the train station talk to the hippy by the door to receive 5x Poke Dolls. Leave the station to enter the Wild Area. Like the name suggests this area is teeming with Pokemon to catch. Before you are able to enter the Wild Area you will see a brief cutscene. At the end of the cutscene you will receive the Pokemon Box Link. Explore the Wild Area as much as you’d like then head across into Motostoke.

Register at Motostoke Stadium

Inside Motostoke head over to the Pokemon Center. Here you will meet Sonia. Speak with Sonia and enter the Pokemon Center. Here you learn about editing League Cards. Heal your Pokemon then head back outside. Here we want to go to the Motostoke Stadium for the opening ceremony of the Gym Challenge. The stadium can be accessed by walking through the main path of the city and using the lift at the end. When you reach the lift you will trigger a cutscene with Leon. He will give you Charcoal. Step on the lift to go up. Walk off the lift and head into the stadium. Inside the stadium a cutscene triggers.

Check in at Budew Drop Inn

Image showing Team Yell in Pokemon Sword.

After the cutscene leave the stadium and follow the NPC to the Buddew Hotel. Inside the hotel you will watch a cutscene then be prompted to go up to the desk. Here you will face off against Team Yell. Team Yell Grunts is a group of four trainers. Mid way through the fight with the grunts you will get approached by Hop who will heal your Pokemon and join you for a team fight. The grunts use following Pokemon in a row:

  1. Zigzagoon (Lv.9)
  2. Nickit (Lv.9)
  3. Zigzagoon (Lv.9)
  4. Nickit (Lv.9)

Once you’ve defeated Team Yell Marnie will appear. Marnie apologizes for her fans who are Team Yell. After talking to Marnie you want to approach the front desk and check in. After you check in time will pass. make your way back to the stadium for the opening ceremony. Walk up to the desk and interact with the receptionist to change your clothing to stadium attire. This starts the opening ceremony. At the opening ceremony you will be introduced to the eight gym leaders of the game.

This completes our reaching the Motostoke Stadium Guide. Next up is making the journey to the first gym which is located in Turffield. Use the guide here to make that journey.

Thoughts on our how to reach the Motostoke Stadium guide? Drop a comment in The Pit below.



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