Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield: How to Change Tent Color

A new addition to Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield is the inclusion of Wild Area. Inside the Wild Area you are able to roam around searching for Pokemon that appear. Alongside roaming you can setup a tent to create a Pokemon Camp. This camp site is your home base for a number of activities such as playing with your Pokemon or cooking. If you notice you tent color may not be to your liking. Fear not as you can change it. Check out our how to change tent color guide to Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield below.

Speak to Camping NPC by Motostoke Entrance

Inside the Wild Area make your way across the map so you are by the entrance to Motostoke. To the left of the stairs leading up you will find an NPC. This NPC is the king of camping. Speak with him and you will get the option to change my tent color. The color the NPC will pick is related to the type of the first Pokemon you have equipped. So my Scorbunny results in a Fire-type color for example. If you wish to really get weir with the colors, experiment with different Pokemon types.

That’s all you need to know on how to change tent color in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Which color tent are you currently rocking out in the Wild Area? Let me know in the comments below.

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