Math Midterm Answers – Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

In Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet there are classes for players to attend at the Naranja/Uva Academy. These classes cover a wide range of topics in the Pokemon world from fighting and breeding to cooking and history. One of the classes players can attend is Math. Halfway through the Math classes there is a midterm of five questions. Use our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Math Midterm answers guide to answer the questions correctly.

What are the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Math Midterm Answers?

The Math Midterm becomes available after you’ve completed the Math (3) class. Once this class is completed if you speak to the lobby lady in the Entrance Hall and ask to attend a class, the Math Midterm will be there on the list. This class is a five question test players must complete to advance to the next class. To pass you need to answer 3/5 questions correctly.

In this test you will have your knowledge of the math behind Pokemon tested. This means knowing critical hit chance, damage dealt when super effective, and simple purchase math. The correct answers are:

Math Midterm Question 1

Q. How much damage does Water gun do when it hits a Fire-type Pokemon?
A. Double Damage.

Math Midterm Question 2

Q. How much damage does Razor Leaf do when it hits a Fire-type Pokemon.
A. Half Damage.

Math Midterm Question 3

Q. If you spend $2,000 on as many $200 Poke Balls as possible, how many would you get?
A. Eleven.

Math Midterm Question 4

Q. What percent chance does a Pokemon usually have to land a Critical Hit?
A. About 4 percent (4 in 100).

Math Midterm Question 5

Q. How much damage does a move deal with it lands a Critical Hit?
A. One-and-a-half times as much.

Following the exam, back in the Entrance Hall, speak to the lady at the front desk to get your grade. For passing the test you receive 5x Exp. Candies S. Not a bad little reward.


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