Pokemon Masters: How to Get Professor Oak Sync Pair

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It has been a long time coming, but Professor Oak is finally making his way into Pokemon battles thanks to the newest Pokemon Masters update. This new update in honor of the game’s six month anniversary adds Professor Oak as an unlockable Sync Pair for players to use. To help you get Professor Oak for yourself use our how to get Professor Oak Sync Pair guide below.

How to Unlock Professor Oak in Pokemon Masters?

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From the February 14 to March 15th players can unlock Professor Oak by completing the game’s tutorial (Chapter 1) or by simply logging in if you have already. When you login you will encounter Professor Oak who mentions he is battling in the PML. After this revelation Oak then offers to join you as you head out on your Pokemon adventure. Once Oak offers to join you he becomes available for use in battles with his Legendary Pokemon Mew.

Does Professor Oak have Special Missions in Pokemon Masters?

Once you have Professor Oak in your party you should be happy to learn he has a number of Special Missions you can complete to unlock unique items. These Special Missions can be stared once you’ve completed Chapter 2 – Defeat Team Break. Complete these Special Missions to earn Custom Vouchers that can be exchanged for power-ups. These power-ups are unique to Professor Oak & Mew.

Also note there is a Sync Pair mission describing how Professor Oak came to acquire Mew which is called A Day with Professor Oak you can complete. In this Sync Pair mission you encounter a number of familiar faces from the Pokemon series and there are some fun little references to catch. Complete this Sync Pair Mission to earn 10 Diamonds.

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