Pokemon Legends Arceus Zubat’s Eyes Guide

Pokemon Legends Arceus Zubat’s Eyes is Request 9 in the game. This Request can be started from the Request board in the professor’s office in the HQ in Jubilife Village. To complete this quest you need to help Clarissa with her Zubat problem. Use Hold To Reset’s Pokemon Legends Arceus Zubat’s Eyes guide below.

Request 9 Notes

  • Requested By: Clarissa (via Request Board).
  • Description: “Clarissa of the Security Corps has a request, and it seems to have something to do with Zubat’s eyes. Go hear what she has to say.”
  • Target: Zubat.
  • Rewards: Aux Power x2.

Where to Start Zubat’s Eyes (Request 9)

Image showing where to start the Zubat's Eyes Request.
Request Board in the HQ.

You can start Request 9, Zubat’s Eyes, by consulting the Request Board inside the Professor’s office in the Team Galaxy HQ. Go up to the board when it has requests available. Select the Zubat’s Eyes quest to learn more about it. The first step in the quest is to speak to Clarissa.

Speak to Clarissa About the Request, Bring her a Zubat

Image showing Zubat's Habitations.
Where to look for Zubat.

Leave the HQ and head over to Clarissa who is near the Farm. Speak to her and ask her about her Request. Clarissa tells you that she need needs you to catch her a Zubat so she can look at its eyes.

You can catch Zubats in a bunch of different locations in both the Obsidian Fieldlands and Crimson Mirelands. The important thing to note is that is must be night for you to encounter them. Go to any of the locations listed above at night and catch a Zubat. Take the Zubat to Clarissa and show it to her to complete the Request.

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