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Pokemon Legends Arceus Playing with Drifloon is Request 7 in the game. The Request is to investigate a mysterious Drifloon that has been seen playing with children in the village. To help you complete this Request see Hold To Reset’s Pokemon Legends Arceus Playing with Drifloon guide below.

Request 7 Notes

Requested ByMiki (via Request Board) after you’ve caught a Drifloon.
Description“It appears that a Drifloon has been sighted playing with one of the village children. Go speak to Miki of the Security Corps for details.”
ObjectiveFind the Drifloon playing with children in the village.

Where to Start Playing with Drifloon (Request 7)

Image showing the Request board where you get Playing with Drifloon.
Playing with Drifloon Request.

Before this Request will appear you need to have caught a Drifloon. Once you’ve caught one of these Pokemon the Request becomes available from the Request board in the Team Galaxy Hall. Collect it from the board then leave and go to Miki at the south gate. Speak to her to learn about Request 7.

Investigate the Drifloon Playing with a Child at Prelude Beach in the Evening

Once you’ve spoken with Miki advance time (if needed) to the evening. Head to Prelude Beach and go behind the shed there to trigger a cutscene. In this cutscene you will encounter a child trapped by a Drifloon. Agree to help to pull the Drifloon off the kid. The kid’s name is Taki.

After you free Taki head back to Miki. Tell her what happened on the beach. She thanks you for your help and the Request ends. You receive your reward of a bag of Stardust.

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