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Pokemon Legends Arceus More New Wares is Request 43 in-game. This Request comes from Choy who wants to expand the offerings he has at the General Store. Like the previous Request of this kind you need to find a gift to give to Tao Hua. To help you complete this Request use Hold To Reset’s Pokemon Legends Arceus More New Wares guide below.

Request 43 Notes

  • Requested By: Choy (General Store).
  • Description: “Choy from the general store wants you to convince Tao Hua, captain of the Supply Corps, to sell him some new wares for his shop.”
  • Target: Pop Pod x3.
  • Rewards: More items added to the general store’s offerings.

Where to Start More New Wares

This Request pops-up after you’ve advanced the main story and have completed the previous Request for Choy. Once both conditions are met Choy will offer Request 43 to you. This Request is to gather Pop Pod x3 then give them to Tao Hua as a gift.

Gather Pop Pod and Give them to Tao Hua

Image showing the Pop Pod.
Pop Pod along the beach.

Pop Pods can be found along the beaches in the Cobalt Coastlands. Simply ride along the beach in Ginkgo Landing and you will find more than the three needed to complete the Request. Gather at least three of the Pop Pods then head to the Team Galaxy HQ. Go into the basement and give the Pop Pods to Tao Hua.

Go back to Choy and report on the successful business negotiation. Choy will thank you for your help. This ends the Request. Following the completion of this Request the General Store carries more items.

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