Pokemon Legends Arceus Help Wanted Watering the Fields Guide

Pokemon Legends Arceus Help Wanted Watering the Fields is Request 42 in-game. This Request comes from Miller at the Farm next to the fields. Miller wants to expand the farm more and requires a water Pokemon to do so. He asks you to bring him one to add to the farmhands. To help you complete this Request see HTR’s Pokemon Legends Arceus Help Wanted Watering the Fields guide below.

Request 42 Notes

  • Requested By: Miller (Farm).
  • Description: “To expand the fields, more irrigation is needed. Lend a Pokemon that can help with the task to Miller from the Agriculture Corps.”
  • Target: Water-type Pokemon.
  • Rewards: More fields available for farming.

Where to Start Help Wanted Watering the Fields (Request 42)

Image showing Miller, Request 42 giver.
Miller giving Request 42.

Once you reach story mission 9 A New Mission you will unlock this Request. Head to Miller at the Farm and speak to him. Miller needs you to bring him a Water-type Pokemon that can act as irrigation for the fields. This starts Request 42.

Bring Miller a Water-type Pokemon

If you’ve been catching Pokemon while out on expedtions you should have a few Water-types kicking around by now. If you don’t two easy targets are either Bidoof in the Obsidian Fieldlands or Psyduck in the Crimson Mirelands. Both Pokemon can be found near the starting camps.

Once you’ve caught a Water-type return to Miller and give it to him. This ends the Request. Once the Request is completed the fields gain additional capacity to grow things for you. This comes in handy if you like using berries or other growable items often. Simply speak to Colza when the fields are empty to choose what you want him to plant for you.

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