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Pokemon Legends Arceus Bothersome Bidoofs is Request 8 in-game. This Request comes from the blackboard in Professor Laventon’s office in Team Galaxy HQ/ When you consult the blackboard you learn that there are some mischievous Bidoofs raising havoc in Jubilife Village. To complete this Request you need to stop them. To help you do this use our Pokemon Legends Arceus Bothersome Bidoofs guide below.

Request 8 Notes

  • Requested By: Tsumugi (via Laventon blackboard).
  • Description: “It seems that some mischievious Bidoof have been causing quite a lot of trouble around the village lately. Get the details from Tsumugi of the Security Corps.”
  • Target: Bidoof (Jubilife Village).
  • Rewards: Rare Candy.
  • Important: Have a Bidoof in your party.

Where to Start Bothersome Bidoofs (Request 8)

You can start the Bothersome Bidoofs Request 8 after Laventon tells you about the blackboard in his office. Once told go to his office in the HQ and interact with it. You will see that there is one Request available called Bothersome Bidoofs. Read the description and the Request will begin.

Speak with Tsumugi to Learn more About Her Request

After you read the blackboard you need to speak to Tsumugi to learn more about her request. Make your way to Tsugumi who is standing beside the Front Gate. Speak to Tsumugi to learn about three Bidoofs who are causing trouble in the village. Before proceeding further ensure you have a Bidoof in your party.

Where to Find the Three Bothersome Bidoofs

Image showing the map locations of the three Bothersome Bidoofs in Pokemon Legends Arceus.
Map locations of the three Bidoofs.

During your interaction with Tsugumi three Bidoof run into the village. To restore order you need to find all three of them. To do this you must first throw out your own Bidoof to calm them down. Once they are calm you can deal with them. The locations of the three are marked on the map above. They can be found as follows:

  1. Wood shed attached to west side of your Quarters.
  2. Handcart next to security building south portion of town.
  3. Southeast corner of village next to Paddock.

All you need to do is throw your Bidoof at the Bothersome Bidoof then walk over to them. A cutscene will trigger and you will have dealt with the Pokemon.

Once you’ve dealt with all three Bothersome Bidoofs the Request will end. Tsumugi will give you a Rare Candy for helping her restore peace to the village.

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