Pokemon Legends Arceus A Beautiful Rose Guide

Pokemon Legends Arceus A Beautiful Rose is Request 30 players can complete in the game. This request is located at the Mirelands Camp in the Crimson Mirelands. Speak to Berra to learn what she wants done. To help you complete this Request see HTR’s Pokemon Legends Arceus A Beautiful Rose guide below.

Request 30 Notes

  • Requested By: Berra (Mirelands Camp).
  • Description: “Berra, a villager, has been utterly captivated by Roselia’s elegance and wishes to learn more about this Pokemon. Complete Roselia’s Pokedex page, and show it to Berra.”
  • Target: Roselia Pokedex Entry.
  • Rewards: Grain Cake x5; Exp. Candy S x2.

Where to Start A Beautiful Rose (Request 30)

Image showing Berra, the Request 30 giver.

You can start Request 30 by visiting Berra in the Mirelands Camp. Head to the camp and look for her standing near the camp flag. Speak to her and she will tell you about her affinity for the Pokemon Roselia. Agree to help to begin the Request for her.

Fill Roselia Pokedex and Show Berra

Image showing Roselia's habitat information in Pokemon Legends Arceus.
Roselia information.

To complete this Request for Berra you need to find and interact with Roselia by catching, fighting it, and observing it. This will result in you filling out its Pokedex page. To find this Pokemon make your way to the named areas of Gapejaw Bog or Cloudpool Ridge. In these locations you will encounter Roselia. When you encounter it do any of the following:

  • Catch.
  • Catch during daylight hours.
  • Defeat.
  • Defeat ones with Psychic-type moves.
  • See using Poison Powder.
  • Obtain different forms.
  • Evolve.

Doing any of the tasks listed above will raise your Research Level. Reach Research Level 10 and go back to Berra. Show her the completed Pokedex page to complete Request 30.

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