Pet Simulator X Yeet World Orbs

Pet Simulator X Yeet World Orbs.

Pet Simulator X Yeet World Orbs are special Orbs that players can collect to make the world easier. Many players are wondering what exactly the Orbs do so this guide will answer those questions. Below I walk you through everything to know about the Pet Simulator X Yeet World Orbs.

What are Yeet World Orbs?

Before we get into the details of the Orbs we first should establish what the Yeet World Orbs are exactly. When you go to Yeet World you will encounter a new area to explore. In this new area you will find multi-color Orbs that randomly spawn into the world. Run or ride over these Orbs to pick them up. This adds them to your Orb currency count (shown on the screenshot above).

What do Yeet World Orbs Do?

Yeet World Orbs are the Yeet World currency, but with a bit of a twist. Unlike the coin currencies you physically have to collect the Orbs. Additionally picking up the Orbs earns you an additionally reward of Pet Strength. This Pet Strength adds to your overall Pet Strength which impacts how far you can Yeet a Pet.

The effect of the Orb’s Pet Strength increase only lasts for a single round of Yeet a Pet. One round of Yeet a Pet is 5 minutes, meaning you will only get the benefits from the Orbs you collected for a 5 minute period.

Pet Simulator X Yeet World Upgrade Machine.
The Yeet World upgrade machine.

Alongside adding Pet Strength to your pets you can spend Orbs to purchase upgrades. These upgrades are located at the Yeet World upgrade machine. You can purchase a variety of upgrades from this machine to make the world easier:

  • Better Yeet Egg Prices.
  • Higher Yeet Egg Luck.
  • Critical Yeet Chance.
  • Yeet Orbs Reach (Magnet).
  • More Strengths from Orbs.

If you want to make collecting Orbs easier be sure to focus on purchasing Yeet Orbs Reach. This upgrade acts like Magnet and pulls Orbs towards you. Additionally you can purchase the More Strengths from Orbs upgrades to improve how much Pet Strength you get when you collect an Orb.

How to Get More Orbs

Orbs spawn into Yeet World as you collect them. They spawn in at a fairly standard clip, making collecting them a bit tedious. With that being said there is a server event called Orb Storm that players can trigger. This event 5x’s the Orb Spawn Rate for a brief period. To trigger this event the server must collect 10,000 Orbs together. Doing this triggers the event and allows players to earn a lot of Orbs

To summarize the article, Orbs serve two purposes in Yeet World. The first purpose is as a currency to purchase upgrades from the Yeet World upgrade machine. The second purpose is to increase Pet Strength which causes you to throw further.

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