Pet Simulator X Lucky Block World

Pet Simulator X Lucky Block World Server Goal.

Pet Simulator X Lucky Block World is a new world players can visit in the Lucky Block World update. This world features a new currency to collect, a new egg to hatch, and new pets to acquire. If you need help with this new location, we’ve put together the guide below. In it you will learn everything you need to know about Pet Simulator X Lucky Block World.

How to Get to Lucky Block World

Pet Simulator X Lucky Block World cannon.
Use the Golden Cannon to go to Lucky Block World.

To get to Lucky Block World make your way to the Town location in Spawn. In Town near the Gold Machine you will find a golden cannon you can interact with. This golden cannon shoots you off to Lucky Block World.

Once you’ve used the Lucky Block World Cannon one time the Lucky Block World teleport location will appear. This makes it possible to simply teleport to the world when you want to go there instead of using the cannon each time.

What Do You Do in Lucky Block World

In Lucky Block World you take part in the exact same activities you would in other worlds. In this world you encounter ? blocks that contain new Lucky Coins for you to collect. Farm up the coins in this area until you have enough to either purchase Lucky Block World player upgrades or hatch the new Lucky Egg.

Lucky Block World Player Upgrades Machine

Pet Simulator X Lucky Upgrade Machine upgrades.
The Lucky Upgrade Machine upgrades.

In the bottom of Lucky Block World next to the Lucky Egg you will find the special Lucky Upgrades Machine. This machine works similar to the player upgrades machine. When you step inside the circle of the machine you will see a menu appear that has character upgrades you can purchase that give you boosts in 5 categories relevant to the world:

  • More Lucky Block Diamonds.
  • More Lucky Coins.
  • Lucky Block Pet Strength.
  • Lucky Block Boosters.
  • Lucky Block Huge Chance.

Purchasing an upgrade requires spending Lucky Coins. Each time you buy an upgrade the next upgrade in that path will be more expensive. Because of this you will want to start with purchasing the More Lucky Coins upgrade first so you can farm more coins, more quickly.

Lucky Block World Eggs

Pet Simulator X Lucky Egg and Lucky Upgrades machine.
The Lucky Egg and Upgrade Machine.

Next to the Lucky Upgrades Machine you will find the world’s egg. This egg is called the Lucky Egg. Hatching a Lucky Egg costs the player 160k Lucky Coins. This makes it fairly expensive to hatch. With that said here are the possible pets you can unlock from it.

  • Lucki Cat (Epic) – 96% chance.
  • Lucki Monkey (Legendary) – ?? chance.
  • Lucki Tiger (Mythical) – ?? chance.
  • Chroma Huges (Exclusive) – ?? chance.

The Chroma Huge Pets are interesting due to the randomness of the color they hatch with. Colors range from common to rare, making these Huge Pets potentially very valuable if you snag one with a very rare color.

Besides paying to hatch eggs you can also earn some by scoring points for the server. In Lucky Block World there is a large leaderboard floating in the sky that shows the server’s progress towards the Lucky Block Goal. Each time the server scores 10,000 points (by breaking blocks) all players in Lucky Block World receive 8x Super Lucky Eggs which have a 5x Huge Chance.

Players that want to farm Lucky Block World quickly should focus on Pink and Rainbow blocks to get the most points. They should also purchase upgrades like More Lucky Coins and Lucky Block Huge Chance to improve pet hatching chances.

To summarize, in Lucky Block World break blocks to earn Lucky Coins. Spend those coins on either Lucky Upgrades to make farming easier, or hatch Lucky Eggs to try and get the new Lucki Pets.

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