Pet Simulator X Huge Chef Cat Unlock

To celebrate the release of the Hologram update for Roblox’s Pet Simulator X experience the developers added a challenge players could complete to unlock a Huge Pet. This challenge takes place in their other game called My Restaurant. If you can complete this challenge you can snag yourself the Pet Simulator X Huge Chef Cat. Let’s take a closer look below.

How to Get the Huge Chef Cat

Roblox My Restaurant Big Chef Cat unlock.
The counter is in the bottom left.

UPDATE: This event is now over as of March 30th. There were over 100k Huge Chef Cats given to players that took part in the event listed below. Now your only chance of getting one is by trade or through purchasing it from a seller. There is another unlock you may wish to complete running right now. This unlock is for the Purple Marshmellow Chick pet. See our guide for details on how to unlock it.

To get the Huge Chef Cat requires putting in a fairly high amount of work in My Restaurant. The challenge in that game is to serve a total of 100,000 customers in your restaurant in game. When you login into the game you will see a running counter in the bottom left corner that shows your progress. While this may sound easy enough, it is actually fairly hard to do without venturing into the pay-to-win products that the game is pushing.

If you do plan to attempt this from 0 you need to stat as soon as possible and realize that this is a straight up time dump. You will need to AFK farm for much of the challenge to ensure you hit the 100k number.

What Makes the Huge Chef Cat Worth It

Roblox Pet Simulator X Huge Chef Cat pet.
The Huge Chef Cat pet. Image via BIG Games.

It really depends what you opinion of worth it is. For those deep in Pet Simulator X its rarity comes from low count and exclusive unlock method. For those not so deep it is potentially worth the hassle if you are looking for your first Huge Pet. This is one of the very, very rare times that BIG Games has given players a clear path to earning a Huge Pet. Traditionally Huge Pets are locked behind egg hatching lotto’s or purchasing them from other players for high amounts of gems.

Regardless of your feelings on the challenge this guide has shown you the requires for the Pet Simulator X Huge Chef Cat unlock. Pursuing this unlock is really up to you and what you feel your time is worth.

Thoughts on the Pet Simulator X Huge Chef Cat unlock details? Drop them in the comments below.


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