Pet Simulator X Purple Marshmellow Chick Unlock

Players of the Roblox experience Pet Simulator X can snag themselves an Event pet called the Purple Marshmellow Chick. This Event pet requires completing a very specific challenge in the game to unlock. To help you learn how to complete the Pet Simulator X Purple Marshmellow Chick unlock, we’ve put together the guide below.

How to Get the Purple Marshmellow Chick

Roblox Cyber Bunny Helmet.
Purchase the Cyber Bunny Helmet and wear in PSX.

To get the Purple Marshmellow Chick you need to purchase a specific item from the Roblox Avatar store and wear it in Pet Simulator X. The item you need to purchase and wear is the Cyber Bunny Helmet. This helmet can be found here, or by going to the Roblox Avatar Catalogue and searching for Cyber Bunny Helmet. The helmet costs 40 Robux to purchase.

Pet Simulator X Purple Marshmellow Chick.
The reward will appear in Your Pets! when you login while wearing the helmet.

Once you’ve purchased the Cyber Bunny Helmet equip it on your character and then login to Pet Simulator X. When you login you will receive a message saying you receive a special gift. This special gift is the Purple Marshmellow Chick. Look in your Pet Collection screen for the new Pet.

The Purple Marshmellow Chick is currently a fairly rare Pet to get. There are only 50,000 in circulation (at the time of writing). Like other Event pets the Purple Marshmellow Chick gets special Enchantments that makes it fairly powerful to use. For only 40 Robux it is well worth the price to unlock. Plus it is perfect for the upcoming Easter Season.

This is not the only unlockable item available to players. The Huge Chef Cat event ran for the past few days, allowing players to earn a Huge Chef Cat pet. Additionally the Hologram update added new Hologram pets for purchase.

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