My Restaurant Alien Update Patch Notes

My Restaurant Alien.

Roblox’s My Restaurant experience has launched a stellar new update that’s truly out of this world. Dubbed the “Alien Update,” this latest update to the popular restaurant management game introduces a range of intergalactic-themed features and improvements. From the new Alien Customers to cool outer space furniture, here’s everything you need to know about this exciting update.

Alien Update Patch Notes

The My Restaurant Alien expansion features a new Alien Customer type, an Alien-themed restaurant, outer space furniture, an Auto-Seat Customer gamepass for faster service, and bug fixes. Players will find new cosmic items for sale like the Black Hole Display Case and telescope, as well as the UFO throne and UFO Table.

Additionally fans of the Pet Simulator X experience have a chance to earn a special Huge Pet by taking part in this update. Players who serve 100,000 customers can earn the Huge Chef Cat. See more details in the Patch Notes below.

Pet Simulator X – Huge Chef Cat

My Restaurant’s update has arrived early!

You now have the chance to receive a HUGE Chef Cat on Pet Simulator X.

This is a reward for serving 100,000 customers after TODAY on My Restaurant.

New Alien Customer

Far out! From a galaxy far far away, a brand new Alien Customer has arrived! 

Look out for this new customer in your restaurant now!

New Alien Restaurant Theme

Launch into space with the new Alien Themed restaurant!

The stars have aligned, it’s time for a new Space Themed Restaurant to make your new Alien Customers feel right at home

New Alien Throne

A new throne fit for any extraterrestrial being.

Check out the new Alien Throne now in the shop!  

This new item will attract the Alien Customer to your restaurant!

New UFO Table

What do Aliens serve their food on? Flying saucers!

Check out the new UFO table now in the shop!  

This new item will attract the Alien Customer to your restaurant!

New Black Hole Display Case

Behold, the ultimate cosmic attraction: a black hole in a display case! 

Your customers won’t be able to resist the gravitational pull of this new item.

Increase the chances that an Alien customer will visit your restaurant by displaying a powerful Black Hole!

New Observatory and Telescope Item

Explore the cosmos with the new telescope item 

Or peer into the depths of the universe with the Observatory!

I wonder what you will find…

New Auto-Seat Customer Gamepass

New gamepass that allows you to seat customers faster!

Customers will automatically seat themselves without waiting for a waiter.


– Updated tons of UI for a fresh and exciting My Restaurant experience

– Added a brand new easy-to-use shop interface

– Revamped tutorial for new players!

– Tweaked early and mid game pacing for improved game feel

– Added a global Like boost goal

– Minor bugs and fixes

BIG Games

With more updates to come, players can look forward to an even more immersive and enjoyable experience. So get cooking and enjoy the new update!

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