Pet Simulator X Diamond Update Pets

Pet Simulator X Exclusive Crystal Egg pets.

The Pet Simulator X Diamond update is now available and many fans are wondering if there are new pets to get. There are new pets in this update but they are not free-to-play acquirable. The new pets all are from an Exclusive egg that must be purchased using Robux. To learn more about what’s in the Exclusive eggs see the Pet Simulator X Diamond Update pets details below.

Diamond Update Pets

There are a total of 6 new pets for players to potentially hatch from the new Exclusive Crystal Egg. These new pets are 3 Normal, 2 Huge, and one Titanic. Purchasing the eggs these pets can hatch from costs 400 Robux/1 egg, 1200 Robux/2eggs, and 3200 Robux/10 eggs. The chances of hatching any of the Crystal Pets are as follows:

  • Redstone Cat (Exclusive) – 50% chance.
  • Emerald Money (Exclusive) – 35% chance.
  • Amethyst Dragon (Exclusive) – 13% chance.
  • Huge Redstone Cat (Exclusive) – 1.25% chance.
  • Huge Amethyst Dragon – 0.7% chance.
  • Titanic Mystic Corgi – 0.05% chance.

Like other eggs in the game hatching the Huge or Titanic pets comes down to solely to luck. There is a tiny chance you could get it in the first hatch or not get one at all. Keep this in mind before you make the purchase decision. Personally, I would not dump tons of money into this but instead buy the Diamonds to purchase the pet from the Trading Plaza if you really want any of them.

You could also spend you time grinding in the Diamond Mine to save up Diamonds to purchase these new pets. This new area allows you to farm the Diamond currency more effectively than other sources in the game.

Alternatively, while the Easter Event is live, you could spend you time hatching the Ribbon Eggs on Easter Island. There is a second Huge that has been added to the pool, meaning you have a chance to score two huge Easter pets from those eggs this week.

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