Pet Simulator X Diamond Mine Details

Pet Simulator X Diamond Mine.

The new Pet Simulator X Diamond update is now live and with it comes a new area for players to explore called the Diamond Mine. This new area is home to Diamond focused activities including huge Diamond chests and Diamond Piles. If you are wondering about the Pet Simulator X Diamond Mine details, this guide will help you learn more about the new area.

How to Enter the Diamond Mine

The Diamond Mine became active with the release of the Diamond Update. To access this new area visit Spawn World and go to the Shop area. In the Shop area head over to the Rank Rewards chest and Collection machine on the left side of the area. Next to the chest and the machine you will find the entrance to the Diamond Mine. To enter simply approach the mine and interact with the door.

What’s Inside the Diamond Mine

Inside of the Diamond Mine you will enter a cave lobby area with three area entrances. These three entrances lead to the three new locations in the mine: Paradise Cove, Cyber Cavern, and Mystic Cave. To access these three areas you need to spend the following:

  • Paradise Cove: 100k Diamonds.
  • Cyber Cavern: 10m Diamonds.
  • Mystic Mine: Release a Huge Pet.

As you can see the costs of the Diamond Mine areas getting pretty steep. Unlocking the final area gives you access to a Huge Diamond Chest that has over 16+Sx health. This chest, as pointed out in the Patch Notes, is designed for AFK farming.

Each of the areas mentioned above feature the newly added Diamond Gifts, Diamond Vaults, and Diamond Loot Bags. This makes them possibly a good place to accrue a lot of Diamonds if you have decent enough pets.

Whether or not the Diamond Mine area is worth the effort is largely up to you to decide. Asking a Huge Pet for the last area is a big ask. If you have something like a HHR, this is probably the best pet to release since its value is pretty low compared to the rest of the pets for sale.

Thoughts on the Pet Simulator X Diamond Mine? Let me hear them in the comments below.



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