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As you explore each area of Ori and the Will of the Wisps you will map out the area in real time. This mapping can be useful, but ideally you will want to purchase maps from the NPC called Lupo. Lupo is a cartographer who is located in almost all of the areas. When found Lupo will sell you a map of the area. One area Lupo does not have a map for is the Silent Woods. This means Lupo wants you to map the area for her. To help you complete this side mission from Lupo use our The Silent Map guide below.

Where to Start The Silent Map Side Quest?

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To start The Silent Map side quest you want to make your way to Lupo’s house in the Wellspring Glades. To access Lupo’s house you need to have cleansed the water at The Wellspring’s Mill. Once the water is cleansed you can swim down into the water underneath the broken bridge in the Wellspring Glades. Here you will find Lupo who will give you The Silent Map side quest.

How to Map all of the Silent Woods?

Image showing Lupo mapping complete.

To complete this side quest you need to map out much of the Silent Woods. To do this simply spend your time exploring the woods. Note the more abilities you have the more of the Silent Woods you can explore. You do not have to reach 100% as I was able to turn in the side quest at ~70%.

When you return to Lupo and speak to him he will tell you that you are now an Apprentice Mapmaker which means you get a discount on any map. You also receive 1000 light.

That’s all you need to know to complete The Silent Map side quest. If you typically buy maps from Lupo this side quest is a must complete as it brings the cost of maps down.

If you need more help with Ori and the Will of the Wisps we have you covered. Check out our Ori and the Will of the Wisps guide hub here.

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