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In Ori and the Will of the Wisps there are items you can acquire called Spirit Shards which impact a wide range of things like combat, item collection, and more. At any one time you can have a total of three Spirit Shards equipped on Ori to impact certain elements of gameplay. Through this system you can create various builds and spec out your Ori many different ways. To keep track of all of the these items, consult the all Spirit Shards list below.

All Spirit Shards and What they Do

Image showing all Spirit Shards in Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

There are a total of 31 Spirit Shards for players to collect in Ori and the Will of the Wisps. These Spirit Shards can be acquired a number of different ways including finding them in the open-world, buying them from the NPC Twillen, or receiving them as rewards for completing certain side quests.

+ indicates the Spirit Shard can be upgraded. Need about 13000 light total to upgrade all upgrade-able Spirit Shards.

  1. Splinter (+): Spirit Arc shots split into 3 short-range shots, dealing 50% damage each. Quickshot: Spirit Arc fires 25% faster.
  2. Arcing: Spirit Arc shots also hit nearby enemies.
  3. Vitality (+): Gain 1 additional Life cell.
  4. Energy (+): Gain 1 additional Energy cell.
  5. Life Harvest: Enemies drop more Life orbs.
  6. Light Harvest: Enemies drop 2 extra Spirit Light orbs.
  7. Energy Harvest: Enemies drop more Energy orbs.
  8. Lifeforce (+): 10% bonus damage when above half Life.
  9. Last Stand: Deal 20% damage when below 15% Life.
  10. Reckless (+): Increase damage dealt and taken by 15%.
  11. Life Pact: Spend Life to cast spells when out of Energy.
  12. Overcharge: Reduce Energy costs by 50% and increase damage taken by 100%.
  13. Swap: Swap maximum Life and Energy.
  14. Magnet (+): Orbs float to Ori from a half-screen away.
  15. Overflow: Convert excess Energy to Life and excess Life to Energy.
  16. Finesse (+): 10% chance to deal 50% bonus damage.
  17. Spirit Surge (+): Spirit Light grants bonus damage. Caps at 3000 Spirit Light.
  18. Thorn (+): Deal 25% of melee damage taken back to enemies.
  19. Resilience (+): Take 10% less damage.
  20. Deflector: Melee attacks deflect projectiles.
  21. Turmoil: Enemies respawn faster.
  22. Bounty: Enemies have 70% more Life and deal 70% more damage, but drop double Spirit Light.
  23. Catalyst (+): Replenish some Energy when dealing melee damage.
  24. Fracture: Detonate to split Light Burst into three smaller bursts.
  25. Ultra Bash (+): Bash deals damage.
  26. Wingclip: Deal bonus damage to flying enemies.
  27. Ultra Grapple (+): Grapple 1 enemy per jump.
  28. Triple Jump: Jump twice mid-air before landing.
  29. Sticky: Stick and climb on walls.
  30. Secret: Secret Walls become semi-transparent.

If you are having trouble finding any of the Spirit Shards listed above, you should purchase the Shard map from Lupo. This map costs a total of 4,000 Light and it highlights the locations of all the remaining Spirit Shards on your map. This makes finding them all rather simple. If you do collect all the Spirit Shards above you will unlock the Shard Hunter achievement.

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