Ori and the Will of the Wisps: A Diamond in The Rough Guide

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As you progress through Ori and the Will of the Wisps you will encounter a number of side quests you can complete to earn various rewards. These side quests trigger from a variety of sources like talking to a specific NPC or finding items in the world. One item you will find in the Windswept Wastes is called the Eerie Gem. When you find the Eerie Gem you will start a quest called A Diamond in the Rough. Use our A Diamond in the Rough guide below to complete this side mission.

Where to Start the A Diamond in The Rough Side Quest?

Image showing where to start the A Diamond in The Rough Side quest.

To start this side quest you need to have met with completed the story up to the finding of Ku. After this event you will be tasked with finding Wisps to attempt to heal Ku. These Wisps are in various unexplored locations on the map, with one Wisp being located inside the Windswept Waste. Inside the Windswept Waste head to the area marked on the map above. Here you will find a sandy area with a shovel sticking out of it. Attempt to Dash into the sand to get the Eerie Gem.

Who to Give the Eerie Gem?

Image showing who to give the Eerie Gem.

Once you have the gem you need to take it to a specialist in the Windswept Wastes. This specialist can be found at the Wellspring Glades. The NPC we want to speak with is Twillen, the Shard merchant. Twillen is located on the west-side of the glade. Approach Twillen and speak with him to deliver the eerie gem and finish the quest.

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