NBA 2K24 2KTV Episode 20 Answers

NBA 2K24 2KTV Kobe Bryant cover art.

Another Friday is upon us and that means another episode of NBA 2K24 2KTV. This week’s episode is Episode 20 and it features a number of questions players can answer if they wish to earn some easy VC and other rewards. To help you answer all of the questions for this week’s episode, check out our complete NBA 2K24 2KTV Episode 20 answers guide below.

2K24 2KTV Answers for Episode 20 Questions

Every week 2K brings you a fresh episode of NBA 2KTV on Friday at 5 PM MT/4 PM PT. This in-game tv program, hosted by Chris Manning and Alexis Morgan, gives players a background look into game and NBA related matters. Each episode runs for 15-30 minutes features interactive questions players can complete to earn VC and other rewards.

In this week’s episode, there are a total of 18 questions for you to answer. Below, you’ll find the all of the answers to those questions presented in the order they appear in the episode.

  1. Sidney Moncrief
  2. Jerry West
  3. 1972
  4. Chris Paul
  5. Kawhi Leonard
  6. 1
  7. Erik Spoelstra
  8. 2022
  9. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
  10. Giannis
  11. Moses Malone
  12. Kevin Garnett
  13. Post Lockdown
  14. Jaren Jackson Jr
  15. Ankle Braces
  16. Brooke Lopez
  17. Any Answer
  18. Celtics

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