NBA 2K23 The Classic Answers Guide

NBA 2K23 The Classic answers guide

One of the final main story quests in NBA 2K23 is called The Classic. This mission tasks players with answering questions from Edgar and Herschel in Hammond Park regarding NBA history. To help you complete this quest here’s a quick NBA 2K23 The Classic answers guide.

Edgar and Herschel Question Answers

During The Classic main story quest you need to make your way to Hammond Park. At this location you will encounter two men playing chess. Speak to these men, Edgar and Herschel, to trigger the quest. To complete this portion of the quest you need to answer three question asked the the older gentlemen. The answers are as follows:

1. How many championships did Bill Russel win?

  • A: 11.

2. Which team has lost the most NBA Championships?

  • A: Lakers.

3. Which player was taken number one overall in the 1998 NBA Draft?

  • A: Michael Olowokandi.

Once you answer the three questions asked by the duo you will unlock the next stage of the quest. Completing this quest allows you to progress towards unlocking the MVP of the City rewards which include 7,500 VC and a Bronze Statue. You also unlock a Daily Quest from Edgar and Herschel called Basketball Trivia, which sees you answering old basketball questions daily.

Other quests in the game feature questions for players to answer during the main story of NBA 2K23. Daily questions asked include Fashion Trivia and Music Trivia. Check out both links for guides to those respective activities.

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