NBA 2K23 Marvin Castleberry Questions Answers

During the main quest called It’s a Cole World in NBA 2K23 player have to visit Erick’s Vinyl to learn more about PhD Monk. Before they learn anything they first need to prove their music trivia knowledge to Marvin Castleberry. Marvin asks players three questions during this section. Use our NBA 2K23 Marvin Castleberry questions answers guide.

Marvin Castleberry Answers

One of three questions asked by Marvin.

When you reach this section of the It’s a Cole World quest in 2K23 make your way to Erick’s Vinyl. Speak to Marvin Castleberry behind the counter and he will ask you three questions. The answers to the three questions he asks during this section are as follows:

1. ‘Truth Hurts’ was a number one smash for which artist?

  • A. Lizzo.

2. Which group of rock royalty insists they will rock you?

  • A. Queen.

3. In their hit 1992 track, what did Pete Rock and CL Smooth ‘do over you’?

  • A. They reminisce over you.

Once you’ve answered the three questions correctly above you will advance the quest. You also receive some +50 points to music for your trivia efforts. If you don’t answer the questions correctly you can simply try again by speaking to Marvin.

Upon completion of this portion of the main quest you will unlock Music Trivia as a possible daily quest. This quest tasks you with answering a variety of music related questions each day. Answering the questions correctly earns you rewards. See our Music Trivia guide for help in answering the questions asked.

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